Publishing policy

This section is to explain our publishing policy. In other words, here we would like to explain our publishing rules and outline some of the content we do not accept for publishing at Cruzine.

  1. Cruzine publishes content, related to designing industry only.
  2. Cruzine does not publish any press-releases.
  3. Cruzine aims at providing its readers the most unbiased information about design-related issues.
  4. Readers can comment on any article and their comments are published, provided there are no cases of personal offence, improper language, spam links, or hidden advertising in such comments.
  5. All the articles and posts express personal opinions of their authors.
  6. Cruzine may not share the same opinion with the authors, but if we publish such article we believe the provided information will be of use for a substantial part of our audience.
  7. All the content of the Cruzine online magazine is created by in-house or freelance writers only. We do not let our sponsors influence the content of the magazine.
  8. Each article undergoes a review procedure by our editorial team. Publishing of the article can be rejected because of:
    • Unprofessional content (when the author does not know what he/she is writing about)
    • Duplicated content
    • Improper language
    • Spam linking or affiliate linking present
    • The scope of the article goes beyond the scope of the Cruzine magazine
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