Cruzine is a new online magazine, which we would like to present to everyone, who has true interest and passion for everything, associated with user interface design, web design, conversion rate optimization, graphical arts, typography, coding, and other web and design-related activities.

Cruzine is a new word for the online community, but we hope this word will soon become synonymous to digital transformation, innovation, versatility, and dynamics in the field of UI, UX, app design, web design, inspiration, sample graphics, free galleries, how-to tutorials, practical tips and secrets, and much more useful content for progressive professional and amateur designers, programmers, or simply web-savvy Internet users.

At Cruzine it is your experience and opinion that is valued

We believe in the power of collective mind. That is why we created Cruzine as the online magazine, where people could share their experience through personal posts, discuss the ideas, and learn something new.

While doing so, we aim to remain the highly specific magazine, focusing on design issues only. Actually, design itself is a pretty vast territory itself, isn’t it? From web design to visual effects techniques and from icon design to graphical arts – the scope of design theme is really boundless.

Cruzine is the place, where knowledge becomes live

Truly, there are thousands of websites, already created to cover the topics of UX design, mobile app, web design, graphical arts, Photoshop, or website coding. So, what is the difference between those sites and our Cruzine magazine?

First of all, we want knowledge to become live. Figuratively speaking, if knowledge is a book, then we do not want this book to collect dust on the shelf. Instead we want people to discuss this book, contribute to it, update the content, and thus become the co-authors of that book.

And second, we want Cruzine to become a place, where you can easily connect to the information you need. If you are looking for some inspirational ideas – visit the INSPIRATION category, if it is coding hints and novel techniques you are most interested at – follow our CODING channel. GRAPHICS and DESIGN are for those, who have the passion for visual arts, wallpapers, icons, fonts and much more.

Cruzine goals and ambitions

Being an online magazine, focusing on multiple design-related issues, the key goal of Cruzine is to build a friendly, versatile, and knowledgeable community of people with passion for design, either professional or amateur.

Through publishing multiple quality posts and encouraging people to share their experience, ideas, and questions we want to become a one-stop destination for all those, looking for interesting, useful, practical, and up-to-date information on the topics of website design, graphical art and techniques, and, of course, website coding.

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