8 Aspects of HR that Influence Safety Performance

HR Safety Performance

Health and safety are two essential factors in the employment contract. Every employee wants to work in a place which stands on the grounds of safety firmly. But, unfortunately, numerous HR department forgets or ignore to add safety policy in their schedule. They think it is a matter of compliance merely.

Well, providing a safe work environment for your employees isn’t a matter of compliance only. For an organization to grow and expand, they have to provide a safe and healthy workplace to its employees.

It is essential to include HR policies for safety and health programs to retain employees and increase their productivity. Here are eight areas of HR where safety has a vital part to play.

1. Job Role

When the HR department designs the structure of a particular job, then they have to consider the safety factor. There are plenty of different roles that an employee has to perform while doing his jobs, such as shifting heavy equipment, unclarity of directions, on-field jobs, stress and much more.

Employees can get injured anytime while performing their duty. That’s why it is the responsibility of HR to design job description in such a manner that it won’t affect the mental or physical health of employees.

2. Designing Workplace

The workplace is set up HR department for their employees and while doing this, it is essential to provide safety to the employees. If there are any loose electric wires or harmful chemicals present near the job site, then HR has to instruct management to oversee this so that nobody gets hurt while working.

Moreover, if a workplace isn’t safe to work, then employees won’t work under such conditions for very long.

3. Recruitment Process

The basic process of recruitment and selection can prevent workplace injuries and illnesses in different manners. During the recruitment process, the employer can first shortlist the candidates and later on can train them to work in the office safely and securely.

Online recruiting software like Freshworks can help HR in automating the entire process. Management can also conduct safety psychometric testing and interviews to guide employees about the safe way to perform their duties. It will help out employees in understanding the different concepts of work safety.

4. Practical Training

It has been recorded that new employees are likely to get more injured while working as they aren’t familiar with the workplace. Therefore, a company needs to train their employees regarding specific job safety roles as soon as possible.

This training should be conducted before or immediately after the commencement. The practical instruction regarding the company’s HR policies and procedures with the specific equipment safety training should be provided to employees.

5. Training

To meet the legal safety obligations, the company should offer proper training and instruction to employees related to their specific role in the workplace. This training should include policies, knowledge, procedures, equipment safety and should also include specific instructions to employees regarding licenses or qualifications.

6. Absenteeism Ratio

The absenteeism data of the organization reveals so much about the work culture of the place. If the rate of absenteeism is high in the organization, then it is a clear indication that the job satisfaction rate among the employees is very low.

It is also shown that an employee might have a conflict with the manager or employer. All these factors can lead to an unhealthy or ill business environment if the situation isn’t handled maturely. This may also affect the health and safety performance of the organization negatively.

7. Workplace Amenities

It is the responsibility of the employer to maintain a certain level of a healthcare facility in the organization for the welfare of employees, such as quick access to first aid and amenities. The amenities include clean water for drinking, clean washrooms, hygienic area to have a lunch break and much more.

If the employees are working from home, then it is also the responsibility of managers to make sure that all the amenities criteria are followed at employees home also. Otherwise, employees might feel sick because of the unhygienic environment of their own home and this will disturb the company’s work eventually.

8. HR policies and procedures

The Human Resource policies related to the behavior, bullying, harassment, discrimination, abuse, drugs, alcohol and other grievance reports also falls under the safety performance of the organization head.

If these policies or procedures are breached by employees or employers in any way, then it can result in potential workplace injuries or conflicts. It is bad for the organization’s reputation also.

Safety is undoubtedly an important part of the employment agreement and employees job satisfaction highly dependent on it. Thus, it is essential for organizations to enforce the safety-related HR policies firmly and take basic steps to provide a safe work environment for their employees and increase their productivity.

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