Combining the Contrasts

Combining the Contrasts

Today, the showcase gallery of images at Cruzine magazine is really special, uncommon, and deeply conceptual. The collection of photographs you are offered represent a fascinating combination of contrasts. Uncommonly thinking and talented photographers are in the constant search of genuine and unique moments worthy of capturing with a camera, or they seek for the angles to show us the ordinary things in an alternative way. Here, within the scope of this showcase, they successfully managed to artfully combine contrasting colors, as white and black, or red and the shades of gray; shapes, as circles and squares; and textures, for example, smooth and wavy, or with folds and holes.

However, the most important contrast in all those photographs lies in another feature. The above described most vivid, visible, and largest elements of the images make nothing but the background, while the key characters seem to be hardly noticeable at the first sight. Those characters are humans on the majority of the photographs. They may be depicted small or not on the foreground, however, they are characterized with the most important feature – they function. Whether it is a leap from the rock, walking across the street, or just a sigh, it is definitely their activity, which is contrasted to the cold and motionless stillness of the background. Trees on some other images are another form of life opposed to the dull landscape.

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