The World of Contrasts

The World of Contrasts

Today’s world is, perhaps, as diverse and versatile and it has never been before. It is full of contrasting colors, shapes, behaviors, different lifestyles and life standards… We may not always notice all the contrasts around us, but photographers do, especially those, who work in the field of street or social photography. A keen eye and an open heart help them to notice and capture the most contrasting moments of modern society. Unfortunately, humans have not yet reached the perfect social organization, and they will, actually, hardly manage to do that. Very often the gap between young and old, rich and poor gets too painful though unnoticed and unaddressed by wide publicity.

An old woman begging in front of a fashionable boutique or homeless people against the background of a poster with happy group of friends – the emotional load, expressed via such contrasts between the center and the background scenes of the picture, may reach the apogee of intensity. On the other hand, some contrasts may be pretty funny, especially those, which occur by accident. In fact, this is where the actual talent of a photographer manifests itself the most. To see the contrast, which may last only a couple of seconds, and to recognize its artistic value – this is a job for really skillful photographers. Below we have collected such works for you to demonstrate how modern photographers play with the theme of contrasts.

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