3d Animated GIF Showcase

3d Animated GIF Showcase

Long ago people have noticed the soothing and even hypnotic effect, when watching certain cyclic movements. Rhythmic swings of the pendulum or instantaneous water flow may easily bring a person into a trance condition, helping him to dive into the personal inner world. Similar effect can be achieved with the help of a particular type of digital graphics, known as animated .gif images. When a number of certain static images, such as geometric figures, for example, interchange with a specified frequency, it creates something like a motion picture effect. Watching such “live” images produce really fantastic and exciting visual effects. Need evidences? Just scroll down to the gallery of animated gif images below.

Actually, the range of applications of the animated .gif images is vast: from making attractive navigation buttons and cute icons for web to creating magnificent digital art works. Not complicated method of creating animated gif images plus simple way of their integration into the web layout (with the help of an ordinary tag) have made animated gif images popular and widely-used elements of web design. Of course, today they are gradually substituted by Flash movies; however, the technology itself has already moved into the field of digital art, offering fancy “live” masterpieces of the motion graphics. Animated gif images are definitely self-sufficient works, which are perceived as the accomplished creative pieces with their unique conceptual style and strong impression.

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