Wrist Watches – Symbols of Prosperity, Fashion, and Innovations

No matter what we say we value in this life (each person has his or her own priorities and preferences), the real truth is that the most precious thing a human being has while living his earth life is TIME.

Often we do not realize or state it aloud, but somewhere on the level of subconsciousness we all know it. Time given to us defines how long we will stay with our families, how many good things we will manage to do, and how much interesting things we will see and learn.

Perhaps, that is the reason for the existence of the immense amount of wrist watches, which seem to be the best proof of the highest value of time for the humans.

They are available in all the possible shapes, styles, price categories, and also technical characteristics. It is true that the watch a man wears reflects his status and achievements in life; it is also a fact that for a woman her wrist watch is rather an additional piece of jewelry.

However, besides their feature to reflect the ego and personality of the owner, the main purpose of the wrist watches is to help us correctly organize and successfully control our life rhythm. The significance of this purpose is hard to overestimate…

Beauty, versatility, and importance of the wrist watches are the reasons why we dedicate them our today showcase at Cruzine.

Watches by Diver & Aguilar

Sand+Time Watch by Balykin Pavel

Tact’ by Julien Bergignat

Virtual Ideas Watch by Julien Soret

Tima by Julien Bergignat

ROCKCRYSTAL watch by Sebastian Krabbe

Sebastian Krabbe

EQUINOX by Nuno Teixeira

Nuno Teixeira

Embassy_1 Swiss Made by Mikkel Bache

Mikkel Bache1

Swatch design 2010 by Tom Birkeland

Tom Birkeland

TICK TACK – MUSIC WATCH, 2009 by Apostol Tnokovski

Apostol Tnokovski

NIXON – Concept Watches by Lysandre FOLLET

Lysandre FOLLET1

Virtual Ideas Pink Panther Watch by Julien Soret

Panther Watch by Julien Soret

I love television – wrist watch by Djordje Cukanovic ChuDes

Djordje Cukanovic ChuDes

Urban Influence 5 Year Anniversary Watches by Urban Influence

Urban Influence1

Urban Influence2

watch by Bradford Waugh

Bradford Waugh

NOOKA – ZOT4 CONCEPT: Play but with style by Lysandre FOLLET

Lysandre FOLLET2

4D watch by Balykin Pavel

Balykin Pavel2

Maxi Bones, 2much Skullz by 2much


Embassy_2, Swiss Made by Mikkel Bache

Mikkel Bache2

Mikkel Bache3

Mikkel Bache4

Mikkel Bache5

Hellovon x Kinky Form Watch by Lars Amhoff

Lars Amhoff

Time by Ralph Kaeppeli

Ralph Kaeppeli1

Ralph Kaeppeli2

Bathyscaphe Timepieces by Vladimir Usoltsev

Vladimir Usoltsev

Sonbol Watches by Jeff Creech

Jeff Creech1

Jeff Creech2

Jeff Creech3

Nokia Icon by Manuel Lopez Revol

Manuel Lopez Revol

AYAKO x Casio G-Shock by Miguel Ayako

Miguel Ayako1

The Unbalanced Harmony by Li Dan

Li Dan

Adidas Adi-dial Watches Concept by Gerry Mckay

Gerry Mckay

Samsung Proxima by Johan Loekito

Johan Loekito

Moonwatch by The Emotion Lab

Emotion Lab

TAG Heuer concept by Francisco Lupin

Francisco Lupin

Chronograph Watch by Dmitry Grishin

Dmitry Grishin

Montblanc by Jeffrey Blum

Jeffrey Blum

AYAKO x CASIO G-Shock GXW-56 by Miguel Ayako

Miguel Ayako

Red by Adrian Koh

Adrian Koh1

Adrian Koh2

Adrian Koh3

Adrian Koh4

Nkiru by Ian Kraus

Ian Kraus

Tokyo Flash Rogue by Ari Hallami

Ari Hallami

Le Temps by Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen

Casiopea by Camilo George

Camilo George1

Camilo George2

Philip Stein by Hernan Zornada

Hernan Zornada

Skagen Watch by Becky Murway

Becky Murway1

Becky Murway2

Becky Murway3

Becky Murway4

Casio by Leo Macias

Leo Macias

High Street by Capture Création

Capture Création

Swiss Army by Jose Alonso

Jose Alonso

Rovina by Bilal Naamani

Bilal Naamani

Rolex by Svyatoslav Bunkov

Svyatoslav Bunkov

Watch by Sukanta Seal

Sukanta Seal1

Diamond Watch by Sukanta Seal

Sukanta Seal2

The Spacemaster by Gabe Farnsworth

Gabe Farnsworth

Henes by Alexey Yukin

Alexey Yukin

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