Steampunk Photography and Illustrations – the Victorian Perspective on the Future

Steampunk Photography and Illustrations – the Victorian Perspective on the Future

The combination of Victorian style, featuring its sophisticated beauty and inclination to the perfection, with slightly outdated yet daring futuristic concepts produced a specific art movement in the late 1980s, currently known as steampunk. This art style, actually, works like some kind of retrospective, showing the future technology innovations with the eyes of Victorian people, who lived a few centuries ago. That is why steampunk art in general and steampunk photography in particular often utilize the fusion of particular Victorian era attributes, such as clothing designs, for example, and some clear representations of futuristic technologies and achievements.

As you have already understood, steampunk photography is the theme of the new photo showcase at Cruzine. Now we invite you to the alternative yet absolutely unique world, where the natural beauty of the models is enforced with the extensive use of leather clothing of particular designs and metal accessories. Steampunk is the true evidence, proving that even seemingly uncombined things still can be combined under particular circumstances. Moreover, the results of such art and technology blending always draw wide public attention. Though, steampunk photography is a very provocative and ambiguous type of art with the large army of advocates and many opponents also, who doubt the artistic value of this art. However, steampunk has already established itself as part of the contemporary art, and now, supported by alternative cultures of goths, punks, cybergoths, gamers, and tech geeks, steampunk even aspires to evolve into a specific lifestyle soon.

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