Beautiful Ladies Illustrations

Beautiful Ladies Illustrations

Once Seymour Hicks, a British actor well-known in the early 20th century said, “No man knows more about women than I do, and I know nothing.” Indeed, how much do we know about women, about their internal world, emotions and feelings? But, on the other hand, how could we know more about women, if they captivate us (read “men” here) at the very first glance with their charming eyes blue like the sky, coral red lips and snow white breasts… Oh, that was, actually, Shakespeare not me, who said that…

Female beauty is the first thing to mention, speaking about the inexhaustible sources of inspiration for thousands of artists, painters, poets and musicians, irrespectively whether they lived in Ancient Greece or live today in the industrialized world. Here, in this Cruzine publication we have gathered some beautiful ladies illustrations from around the web to illustrate all the depth of female beauty and reveal some of the potential secrets masked by that eternal beauty. The works presented here are digital art paintings rather than real photographies, but they illustrate vividly the present-day artistic perception of female beauty and some of the modern trends, trying to depict this beauty with the help of computer-powered illustrating techniques rather than by traditional brush and paints.

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