Macro Photography – a Close-Up View at the Macrocosm

Macro Photography – a Close-Up View at the Macrocosm

Close-up photos of tiny objects usually refer to macro photography. In order to succeed with macro photos one should equip his photo camera with a specifically designed macro lens, offering typical magnification ratio of 1:1. This ratio denotes that the object will appear on the photo sensor in the same size as it is in real. In order to receive even greater magnification, macro photographers may use extension tubes. Generally speaking, macro photography requires certain expertise and special equipment, but this type of photography art is extremely interesting, producing amazing detailed and sharp photos of small objects, that a human eye is simply unable to catch.

Flowers, plants, animals, snowflakes and, of course, multiple bugs and insects are favorite objects, often featured in macro photography. What an amazing world of unbelievable forms, shapes, textures and color combinations does macro photography reveal! We have gathered some really interesting and striking macro photos from around the web to illustrate our readers the capabilities of macro shooting. We bet that if you have never tried macro photo before you will definitely be in temptation to try it sometime after viewing this showcase of macro photography.

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