Photoshop Actions – An Easy Way to Advanced Photo Editing

Photoshop Actions – An Easy Way to Advanced Photo Editing

In order to achieve a certain visual effect or photo style while editing a raw image in Photoshop, one should apply a certain set of filters, tools and other photo editing manipulations to a source image, which naturally requires time and efforts. However, there is also a simpler way to transform a source photograph and receive a stylized image just in one click. There is a special feature in Photoshop, called actions, which allow both novice and professional graphic designers use preset consequences of filters and editing tools to change their photographs quickly and easily. Photoshop actions allow convenient way of transforming a photograph in a desired way without going deep into the theory of multi-staged photo manipulation at Photoshop.

Cruzine magazine offers its readers a collection of Photoshop actions, which allow applying interesting styles and achieving eye-catching visual effects just in a second. Basically, Photoshop actions are nothing but a simple “recording” of a certain consequence of actions, saved as a file with .atn extension. After downloading and installing such file, a user can “playback” a chosen Photoshop action and a predefined set of filters will be applied to an active image automatically. We welcome you to choose among the Photoshop actions, presented below, and try out those, you like the most. With these Photoshop actions, you will be amazed how easy it is to transform a raw image into a professional photograph or even into an art piece.

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