The Art of Photo Manipulation: People

The Art of Photo Manipulation People

Do you know why many people enjoy visiting art galleries? Surely, they do so to get familiar with the masterpieces of classic or modern arts, to feed their souls with the fresh portion of esthetic material, and for many other purposes. However, it is also true that people visit art galleries to get inspiration – that special feeling, which is needed not only by artists to create their next masterpiece, but common people in their everyday lives too. Sometimes, in order to fancy a supper, we need the same amount of inspiration as would artist need to create some fancy painting or sculpture, aren’t we?

With the collection of photographs, featuring humans, we offer you to get your portion of inspiration right here, at this page of Cruzine magazine. Furthermore, all the below images were manipulated in a certain way to create unusual and interesting visual effects. We know that the world is constantly changing. However, are we ready for such changes? Have a look at this collection of inspirational photos of people and let us know your impression on the works presented.

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