Creative, figurative sculptures of modern day

Creative, figurative sculptures of modern day

Modern day sculpture art has definitely evolved greatly from the traditional sculpture as it was understood, for example, in Ancient Greece or Rome. This evolution is traced in many aspects of the art – from the techniques and materials used to the featured characters and understanding of the esthetics itself. However, there is still one aspect that remained unchanged throughout the whole history of this fine art, and this is the deep meaningfulness of sculptures.

The showcase of modern creative figurative sculptures is a rich collection, showing all the versatility of the modern sculpture art. Here you will find humans figures and those of some unbelievable monsters or mutants. Some of the sculptures are made from traditional clay, but in others artists utilized the most unexpected materials, for example, kitchenware. However, no matter what they are made from, all of these modern sculptures are interesting, expressive, and creative, of course.

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