Architecture: modern exterior showcase

Architecture modern exterior showcase

The development of novel building materials and innovative construction techniques together with the most brave and unusual creative ideas in designing have already formed a new vision in architecture. From refurbished modernistic ideas to vivid futurism and abstractionism – these trends are no longer used exclusively in painting and sculpture. Modern architects, armed with powerful designing tools, as ArchiCAD and other specialized computer applications, are capable of making modern exterior design really unique and fascinating. What is even more important – many of such ideas have already been realized in real-life environment.

A great portion of modern architecture exterior designs have become real masterpieces and can now serve as the evidences of modern architecture achievements. These are the showcases, demonstrating both the capabilities of modern construction industry and creativity of human mind. Many projects, represented below, can themselves be used as sources of inspiration for creating next new, fresh, and even more unexpected and unusual exterior styles in architecture.

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