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3d girl

Brilliant 3d Portraits by Y-Kanno

Seems we just can’t stop with Asian art today. Y-Kanno aka Tetsuok9999 from Japan is a 3d digital hobby artist with several quality 3d anime artworks in his portfolio. I bet we didn’t feature nothing similar till now up here on Cruzine. This really is my cup of coffee; if you’re into 3d art or …

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female digital portrait

Hot Digital Portraits by Kyrie

Today, we’ll start with several hot digital portrait illustrations by South Korean artist / illustrator – Kyrie. There isn’t much more in her personal portfolio, so this collection of 25 artworks got to be enough for now. Get inspired guys … some serious quality below!

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mermaid illustration

Original Portraits by Anna Danilova

Anna Danilova is a 23-year-old self-taught artist / illustrator living and working in Russia. Hard to believe this artist is in business just for 3 years. So many exceptional pieces in her portfolio … another must-see for anyone into quality watercolor paintings. Get inspired!

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female oil portrait

Amazing Portraits by KwangHo Shin

KwangHo Shin is an artist born in Yeongdeok, South Korea who creates incredible figurative and portrait oil on canvas paintings that would make any art-fiend shake and pick scabs for more. Some of his brilliant artworks below. Enjoy!

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man portrait

Portrait Illustrations by Kimberly80

If you guys are into traditional illustration, make sure to scroll through these inspiring portraits by Russian artist / illustrator, Kimberly80. Enjoy!

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female portrait

Awesome Digital Portraits by Katarina Sokolova-Latanska

Katarina Sokolova-Latanska is a Kiev, Ukraine-based digital artist specializing in portrait illustrations. The prime theme of her works is the beauty of a woman. Her works are magnetizing because of that special aestheticism of female beauty that is presented in them.  Enjoy the collection!

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female vector portrait

Digital Portraits by Peccatore

If you guys are into digital portraits you should definitely check out these brilliant vector artworks by Philippines – based artist, Peccatore. For more, make sure to check out his dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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contemporary portrait

Contemporary Portraits by Dariusz Zawadzki

Dariusz Zawadzki was born in Szczecin in the northwest Poland in 1958. Since his early childhood Zawadzki was regarded for having unusual sensitivity to the surrounding world. His artworks are widely admired for being able to deeply move the spectators, with both the feelings and emotions as well as high attention to painterly details. His …

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female portrait photography

Creative Photography by Jarosław Datta

Jaroslaw Datta aka Jarrod343 is an artist and photographer based in Silesia, Katowice, Poland. Below, you may check out 40+ quality portrait photos handpicked from his immense portfolio. If that ain’t enough for you, make sure to check out the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

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tarzan woman

Hot Digital Portraits by Walter Petretto

The last post today will be dedicated to an exceptional digital artist coming from Cagliari, Italy – Walter Petretto aka Neroart. His portfolio is full of sexy female digital artworks … our selection below. Enjoy!

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