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digital female portrait

Original Digital Portraits by Cézar Brandão

Cézar Brandão is a freelance character artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. He has been nominated and awarded with several awards, including the top row on Zbrushcental and the CG Hub Editor’s Choice. Let’s take a look at several of his artworks. Definitely worth scrolling through.

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surreal girl portrait

Surreal Portraits by Ania Tomicka

Ania Tomicka was born in 1985 in Lodz, Poland. When she was only 9 she moved to Italy, where she started to draw seriously: manga at first and realistic things afterwards. She attended an art institute and graduated in 2004. Ania has always been interested in realistic, renaissance works. Her first loves are Salvador Dalì …

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female portrait

Digital Portraits by Alexandra Bach

Alexandra V. Bach is a young talented digital artist living and working in France. Her style can be described as delicate, sometimes bloody, representing feminine vision of the beauty in darkness. If you’re into photo manipulations … make sure to scroll through the collection below. Enjoy!

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female portrait illustration

Creative Portrait Illustrations by Junica Hots

Amazing collection of colorful digital portrait illustrations by a 22 years old artist coming from Russia – Junica Hots. For more artworks, make sure to check out her dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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futuristic soldier

Digital Illustrations by Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni is a talented 3d digital artist born in Milan, Italy, currently working in Los Angeles as lead character artist for Blur Studios. Let’s take a look at several of his amazing artworks. Enjoy!

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digital portrait

Amazing Digital Portraits by Natalia Adamska

Natalia Naka Adamska is a young 26 years old digital artist / photo manipulator based in Poznan, Poland. Below, you may scroll through a dose of brilliant surreal portraits handpicked from Natalia’s portfolio. For more, check out her personal web site. Enjoy and get inspired!

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dragon illustration

Creative Digital Art by Jörn Zimmermann

Jörn Zimmermann was born in Germany, and grew up in several countries with lots of sunshine and beautiful beaches. Right now, he’s based in Hannover, Germany, working as a 2D Artist. He’s passionate about designing user interfaces for games & apps, about creating 2D game assets, and about character design and illustration. Below you may …

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female digital portrait

Awesome Digital Portraits by Melanie Delon

Melanie Delon aka Eskarina is a 33-year-old freelance artist / illustrator living and working in Paris, France. She works primarily with Photoshop and Painter, along with her Wacom tablet, to create stunning and realistic digital portraits. Let’s take a look at several of her artworks. Enjoy!

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female fantasy portrait

Stunning Fantasy Portraits by Liang Xing

Liang Xing is a 25 years old digital conceptual artist based in China. Guys, if you’re into fantasy, you don’t want to miss the artworks below. Amazing stuff … surely one of the best fantasy collection published so far on this blog. Enjoy!

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black widow portrait

Hot Digital Portraits by Deane Whitmore

Deane Whitmore aka RGUS is a New Plymouth, New Zealand – based 3d digital artist. The artworks in his portfolio are probably the hottest Poser renders I’ve seen so far. The main thing that distinguishes his art from others, is his ability to mix captivating outfits with great poses. Enjoy the collection!

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