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Crisis artwork

Stunning Concept Illustrations by Marek Okon

Marek Okon is a 30 years old conceptual artist living and working in Lublin, Poland. When it comes to painting Marek is self taught, or rather Internet taught, always trying to give something back to the community. Enjoy his art … quite inspiring!

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bloody portrait

Stunning Portraits by Rebeca Saray

Rebeca Saray is a photographer and digital artist living and working in Madrid, Spain. As you may see below, Rebeca works a lot with make-up and costumes to create ambitious stagings. Again, it took us a while to pick the very best artworks from her extensive portfolio. If the photography below is not enough, make …

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female portrait photography

Stunning Portraits by Robin Alfian

Robin Alfian aka Robin Pika is a talented 27-year-old fashion photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Robin is a contributor for serveral fashion and life style magazines such as, Herworld, Cosmopolitan, Soap, FHM, Clara, Dewi etc. Let’s take a look at some of his artworks. Enjoy!

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girl and a crow photography

Black and White by Chaerul-Umam

Collection of beautiful black and white photography by Chaerul Umam, a photographer based in Serang, Indonesia. Chaerul specializes in landscape photography, but as you may see below, he does still life and portraits as well. Enjoy!

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fantasy portrait illustration

Conceptual Portraits by Mingzhu Yang

Collection of breathtaking digital portrait illustrations by Chinese female artist Mingzhu Yang. Yang graduated the Fine Arts collage of South West University in 2007. Currently she’s living in the city of Wuhan, China. Enjoy our picks!

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antic statue

Beautiful Portraits by Michael C Hayes

Michael C. Hayes is a professional freelance illustrator based in San Diego, California. Michael has created illustrations for Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering and SOE’s Legends of Norrath. Another artist we couldn’t be missing here on Cruzine. Let’s take a look as some of his inspiring artworks.

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female portrait illustration

Portrait Illustrations by Erina

Noa Ikeda aka Erina is a talented female digital artist / illustrator based in Ithaca, New York. Let’s take a look at some of her inspiring artworks. For more, hit the link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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female character illustration

Fantasy Portraits by Bruno Wagner

Conceptual artist / illustrator Bruno Wagner aka Yayashin was born in Strasbourg, France. Strongly attached to traditional techniques, he works mainly with oil or acrylic on canvas. Surprisingly though, today we’ll take a closer look at some of his digital artworks. Inspiring!

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blonde portrait photo

Creative Portrait Photography by Laura Makabresku

Laura Makabresku aka Mala-lesbia is a Polish visual artist and photographer living and working in Krakow. Her photographs are overflown with mystic symbols and the atmosphere of fairy tales. Close to the surrealistic aesthetics, she creates visual methaphores concerning eroticism and death. Amazing collection … enjoy it!

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tattooed model

Stunning Portrait Photography by Hartmut Nörenberg

Hartmut Nörenberg is an inspiring portrait photographer living and working in Mülheim, Germany. As the oldest son of an orchestra-musician couple and grandson of an painting and sculptoring grandfather he got in touch with music and art very early. Motivated by his also photographing father he became desirous to get better with the tools of …

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