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Whether it is a stand-alone artistic photograph or a photo to be used in web design – its role and value is hard to overestimate. Photos can do much more than just attract the attention, they can also become the source of inspiration, and, surely, photos have always been among the fundamental components of any website layout. With a wide variety of photo samples from color to black-and-white and from documentary to funny and grotesque – photo posts at Cruzine are interesting to browse and they can definitely help to remove the creativity blockade.

female portrait

Must-See Photo Manipulations by Michal Mozolewski

Michal Mozolewski is an artist from Gdansk, Poland who intersects the lines of impressionist art, photography and digital illustration. Most of his work features intensely emotive, jarring subjects in distressing or melancholy situations. We made sure to pick the very best pieces from Michal’s 300+ artwork portfolio … if you want to see them all, …

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darth vader

Creative Photo Manipulations by Christophe Kiciak

Christophe Kiciak aka Gyaban is a 35 years old talented photographer / photo manipulator living in Moisson, a peaceful place close to Paris, France. While some artists use a camera as a tool to capture a moment of life or showing the world as it is, Christophe is mostly using it as a way to …

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photo maipulation

Photo Manipulations by Le-Meridian

Le-Meridian is a female digital artist / photo manipulator coming from France. We made sure to pick the very best from her portfolio … as usual. Enjoy!

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Cool Photo Manipulations by D’haese François

François D’haese is a French hobby photographer and photo manipulator living and working in the city of Valenciennes. Below, you may scroll through 20+ inspiring photo manipulations from François’s portfolio. For more, make sure to check out his web site. Enjoy!

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female portrait

Creative Photography by Ashot Gevorkyan

Ashot Gevorkyan is a 25 years old photographer and retoucher based in Kalinglingrad, Russia. Let’s take a look at some of his artworks. For more, check out his website (link at the bottom). Enjoy!

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female portrait photography

Creative Photography by Jarosław Datta

Jaroslaw Datta aka Jarrod343 is an artist and photographer based in Silesia, Katowice, Poland. Below, you may check out 40+ quality portrait photos handpicked from his immense portfolio. If that ain’t enough for you, make sure to check out the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

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tent in the Alps

Breathtaking Photography by Xavier Jamonet

Xavier Jamonet is an amazing lansdcape photographer, born in 1982 in the Drôme, currently living and working in Lyon, France. As you may see below, Xavier loves to spend time shooting in the Alps. Stunning photos … another must-see for anyone into landscape photography. Enjoy!

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cool landscape photo manipulation

Stunning Photo Manipulations by Emerald-Depths

Danielle (Emerald-Depths) is an intermediate photo-manipulation hobbyist from the US. She started using Photoshop to create art in 2008 and specializes in landscapes/miscellaneous nature scenes. Let’s take a look at some of her artworks. Enjoy!

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girl portrait

Creative Photography by Michael Magin

Michael Magin is a professional photographer living and working near Mannheim/Germany. In this post we’ll take a closer look at several hot portrait and landscape photos handpicked from Michael’s portfolio. Enjoy!

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Creepy Photo Manipulations by Diana Dihaze

Diana Dihaze is a self-taught female photographer and digital artist from Odessa, Ukraine. The majority of her inspiration comes from her own nightmares and phobias. If you like creepy stuff … this one is a-must for you. Enjoy!

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