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Whether it is a stand-alone artistic photograph or a photo to be used in web design – its role and value is hard to overestimate. Photos can do much more than just attract the attention, they can also become the source of inspiration, and, surely, photos have always been among the fundamental components of any website layout. With a wide variety of photo samples from color to black-and-white and from documentary to funny and grotesque – photo posts at Cruzine are interesting to browse and they can definitely help to remove the creativity blockade.

black female model portrait

Beauty Photography by Geoffrey Jones

Geoffrey Jones is a Canberra photographer and award winning member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Geoffrey’s into all styles from the mundane to the completely whacked out. Photography is his passion and means of artistic expression. Enjoy the collection!

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artistic photography

Creative Photography by Oleg Oprisco

Another artist we’ll feature today is Oleg Oprisco, talented photographer based in Kiev, Ukraine. After scrolling through his artistic photography below, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s simply exceptional. Tones, composition, subject, and emotion all come together in a harmonious way. Inspiration pure … exactly what we are looking for.

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female nature portrait

Photo Manipulations by Barbara Florczyk

Another artist we’ll introduce today is Barbara Florczyk aka Kokoszkaa coming from Poland. Barbara is a photographer, but first of all an amazing digital artist. Most of her dramatic artworks are nature related. Below you may see over 50 quality artworks picked from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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creepy portrait

Avant Garde Fashion by Kasia Konieczka

Kasia Konieczka is a costume maker and avant garde fashion designer from Poland. The main aim of her designs is to create an impact on the viewer and evoke feelings. Each costume has been created as a one off, the techniques used to create them have been developed by Kasia herself, by experimenting with textiles, …

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Amazing Auroral Photography by Tommy Richardsen

Collection of interesting auroral photography by hobbyist photographer from northern Norway, Tommy Richardsen. No doubt he’s living in a great place for landscape photography and also the northern lights. Enjoy the photos!

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female tree photo manipulation

Photo Manipulations by Mirella Santana

Mirella Santana is a young digital artist from Brazil. She creates dark, emotional and fantasy photo manipulations inspired by her own imagination, where she is mixing different stock images and matte painting. Let’s take a look at the best from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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photo manipulation

Creative Photo Manipulations by Mexican Pedo

The last artist I decided to feature today is Mexican Pedo. Mexican Pedo are actually two sisters coming from Zimbabwe. I really liked some of their photos and photo manipulations. Although their portfolio isn’t that extend, it’s always quality that matters. Enjoy!

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naked creepy model portrait

Surreal Artworks by Christian Martin Weiss

Christian Martin Weiss is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Munich, Germany. He started his creative life with drawing and painting and later he realized that taking photos was not meaningless for him. Today, we’ll take a closer look at his surreal and often creepy photography. Inspiring!

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model portrait photography

Creative Photo Manipulations by Petra Holländer

Petra Holländer aka Nilanja is a 20-year-old photographer / digital artist from Vienna, Austria who started photography at the beginning of 2012. Mostly she does self-portraits based on certain feelings or express a specific mood. Let’s take a look at the best from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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rough nature

Inspiring Photography by Stefan Hefele

Stefan Hefele is an inspiring landscape photographer living and working near Augsburg/Germany. His photography is influenced by panoramic wide-angle style trying to lead the viewer into the subject as deep as possible. Enjoy our selection!

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