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photo manipulation

Creative Photo Manipulations by Mexican Pedo

The last artist I decided to feature today is Mexican Pedo. Mexican Pedo are actually two sisters coming from Zimbabwe. I really liked some of their photos and photo manipulations. Although their portfolio isn’t that extend, it’s always quality that matters. Enjoy!

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naked creepy model portrait

Surreal Artworks by Christian Martin Weiss

Christian Martin Weiss is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Munich, Germany. He started his creative life with drawing and painting and later he realized that taking photos was not meaningless for him. Today, we’ll take a closer look at his surreal and often creepy photography. Inspiring!

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model portrait photography

Creative Photo Manipulations by Petra Holländer

Petra Holländer aka Nilanja is a 20-year-old photographer / digital artist from Vienna, Austria who started photography at the beginning of 2012. Mostly she does self-portraits based on certain feelings or express a specific mood. Let’s take a look at the best from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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rough nature

Inspiring Photography by Stefan Hefele

Stefan Hefele is an inspiring landscape photographer living and working near Augsburg/Germany. His photography is influenced by panoramic wide-angle style trying to lead the viewer into the subject as deep as possible. Enjoy our selection!

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sheeps and meadow

Amazing Photography by Florent Courty

Florent Courty is a young, 19-year-old French self-taught photographer based in central France, 60km east from the famous ancient volcano called “Puy de Dôme”. Florent specializes in landscape and nature photography. If you’re into nature photos, make sure to scroll through … these shots are simply stunning. There are almost 600 quality photos in Florent’s …

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creepy portrait

Creepy Portraits by Miss Lakune

Miss Lakuna is an artist coming from Poland specializing in absolutely horrifying, but completely stunning portrait photos and photo manipulations. Below, you may see 40 handpicked artworks from her portfolio. For more, make sure to visit her dA site. Enjoy!

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hands and hair

Creepy Artworks by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell is a visual artist based in Denver, Colorado. She’s specializing in photo manipulation and mixed media. Her artworks are just brilliant … creepy, but beautiful. She definitely made my day. Enjoy!

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decay photography

Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker

Matthias Haker is a self-taught photographer currently living in Dresden, Germany. He’s specializing in architectural and interior photography as well as people, portrait, fashion and wedding photography. Let’s take a look at his decay photography collection … original and inspiring. Enjoy!

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colorful forest photography

Creative Photography by Miguel Santos

Miguel Santos is a talented Portuguese hobbyist photographer, living in Brazil. His photos are just amazing … also that’s why we had to feature this artist here on Cruzine. Below, you may see a good portion of his photos. For more, make sure to visit his dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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underwater photo manipulation

Quality Photo Manipulations by Miraccoon

Now let’s take a look at over 30 quality surreal photo manipulations by talented Estonian artist Miraccoon. She’s very good at what’s she doing. Make sure to scroll through … quite inspiring. Enjoy!

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