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female portrait

Mixed Media by Callie Fink

Callie Fink is a young 19-year-old artist / illustrator based in Tustin, California. As you may see below, she enjoys working with mixed media, watercolor, and graphite. Get inspired guys!

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portrait watercolor painting

Hot Artworks by Guillem Marí

Guillem Marí is a freelance illustrator and painter currently based in Ibiza island, Spain. The list of his clients includes Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Schibsted Publishing Co., Uitgeverij de Boemerang and Editorial Vicens-Vives, amongst others. Below, you may scroll through the very best from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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mixed media illustration

Hot Artworks by Joey San Pedro

Based in Manila, Philippines, Joey San Pedro is an exceptional artist / illustrator with plenty of cool artworks in his portfolio. Let’s take a look at the very best of it. For more, follow the link at the bottom. Enjoy!

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female portrait

Contemporary Art by JC Jacinto

JC Jacinto is a talented 28-year-old visual artist born in Pasig, currently based in Rizal, Philippines. Below, you may scroll through several of his paintings. Enjoy!

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utencils couple

Conceptual Realism by Jon Jaylo

Jon Jaylo was born in the Philippines and attained his grade-school education there. His family moved to Chicago, Illinois where he finished grade school and high-school. Later he moved back to his home country where he attended college studying fine arts. Jon’s artistic inspiration comes from dreams, daily occurrences, direct experience and sometimes the stories …

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mixed media art

Mixed Media Artworks by ebbing-gale

Collection of inspiring mixed media artworks by an US hobby artist – ebbing-gale. For more, make sure to check out her portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

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female portrait collage

Mixed Media Portraits by Bohemiart

Jillian S. of Bohemiart is a mixed media collage artist born in the UK. She taught herself the art form through patience and practice, employing varied techniques and mediums, from vintage images to acrylic paint to stamping. Drawing on personal experiences, she infuses her work with feelings, often times sorrow. A collector of art, Jillian …

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angel artwork

Mixed Media Art by Alex Cherry

Living and working in Los Angeles, California, 26-year-old digital artist / designer Alex Cherry specializes in iconic artworks based on music and pop culture. Let’s take a look at the best from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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mixed media artwork

Mixed Media Art by Nukuzu

Another quality artist who caught my attention today is Nukuzu from Germany. His mixed media artworks are quite creative and he surely deserves to be featured up here. Below you may see our picks from his portfolio … to see more, make sure to visit his dA profile. Enjoy!

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digital illustration

Interesting Mixed Media Art by Georgios Dimitriou

Georgios Dimitriou aka CrankBot is a digital artist coming from Greece. He favors artistic styles that maintain the feel of natural media, and is best known for his gritty and emotive illustrations. Let’s take a look at some of his artworks. Enjoy!

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