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digital illustration

Inspiring Illustrations by Yuko Rabbit

Yuko Rabbit is a comic artist, illustrator and digital painter coming from Japan. As an artist, she constantly participates in several group show in art events. Her personal works have been featured in number of art magazines, design blogs and social networking sites such as Behance Netwrok and DeviantART. Yuko always tries to make something …

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conceptual illustration

Exceptional Concept Art by Zeen JingHui

Zeen JingHui is another quality concept artist who deserves to be featured here on Cruzine. His work is original and inspiring … exactly what we’re looking for. He is currently working at the Silver Ant Studio, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Below, you may see our selection of Zeen’s work. Enjoy!

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female digital portrait

Stunning Portraits by Jennifer Healy

Jennifer Healy is a self-taught illustrator coming from the US. She started sketching and painting since the days she entered high school. Below, you may scroll through a collection of her female fantasy portraits. I’m sure you agree her work is exceptional. Enjoy!

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dwarf reading

Beautiful Fantasy Illustrations by Kerem Beyit

Kerem Beyit is a talented 32-year-old digital artist coming from Ankara, Turkey. During his career Karem has been awarded by several CG related web sites. That’s not a surprise … his work is exceptional and we’re proud to feature at least a portion of it up here on Cruzine. Time to scroll through …

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realistic female portrait

Realistic Portraits by Christina Papagianni

Christina Papagianni is another artist we decided to feature here on Cruzine today. Christina is coming from Greece and she’s an amazing illustrator. Although she has various artworks in her portfolio, we’ll take a look at her realistic portraits. Enjoy!

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female portrait

Digital Illustrations by Fernanda Suarez

Today we’ll take a look at several amazing conceptual / character illustrations by Fernanda Suarez. As you may see below, she often uses bleak color palettes in her illustrations to create an air of unsettling intoxication for the viewer. Big like from me … now, guys … get some fresh inspiration. Enjoy!

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digital illustration

Interesting Mixed Media Art by Georgios Dimitriou

Georgios Dimitriou aka CrankBot is a digital artist coming from Greece. He favors artistic styles that maintain the feel of natural media, and is best known for his gritty and emotive illustrations. Let’s take a look at some of his artworks. Enjoy!

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portrait digital artwork

Fantastic Digital Art by BibiArts

Collection of interesting photo manipulations / digital artworks by German female artist Birgit aka BiBiARTs. Make sure to scroll through!

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head theater digital art

The Whimsical Art of Alexander Jansson

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, Alexander runs his own design studio, intuitively called Sleeping House. He specializes in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design. Alexander has worked with clients as diverse as The New York Ballet, Filter Magazine, Random House and Clarion Books. Let’s take a look at his magical portfolio.

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Poseidon illustration

Concept Illustrations by Gonzalo Arias

Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias aka Genzo is an illustrator from Chile with a remarkable talent. If you’re into anime and fantasy I’m sure you’ll dig these handpicked illustrations from Genzo’s portfolio. Enjoy!

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