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girl and butterflies

Brilliant Digital Illustrations by Rapti Mortengel

Łódź, Poland – based Rapti Mortengel aka Raptorzysko is another talented illustrator we’re featuring here on Cruzine today. If the 20 handpicked artworks below aren’t enough, make sure to check her full portfolio (link at the bottom).

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Super Woman illustration

Stunning Illustrations by Abraão Lucas

Abraão Lucas is an extremely talented conceptual artist / illustrator based in Manaus Amazonas, Brazil. I’m glad I stumbled upon his portfolio … the artworks are simply amazing. Our picks below … btw, the Super Woman illustration rocks .). Enjoy!

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girls kissing

Stunning Digital Illustrations by Nijuuni

Erin aka Nijuuni is a Canadian hobby artist specializing in conceptual illustrations and corporate identity. Today we’ll take a closer look at her conceptual artworks. Hard to believe Erin is not a pro, as the quality is no doubt there and I’m sure she could make a decent living out of her talent. Anyway, below …

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portrait illustration

Amazing Digital Illustrations by Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma aka Lerms is a talented Mexican artist / illustrator living and working in Cancun. I fell in love with his artworks pretty much right away. Every piece found in his portfolio is powerful and inspiring. If you’re into cubism this post is a must! Enjoy.

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Digital Art by Daniel Murray

Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray is a professional digital artist and a police officer (seriously) currently based in Maine, USA. During his career Dan worked for a number of studios, software and gaming companies including Lucas Film or DC Comics. If you’re into comic related art / superheros and such, make sure to scroll through my …

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tiger caricature

Funny Animal Illustrations by Jean Baptiste Vendamme

Jean Baptiste Vendamme is a 36 years old French wildlife illustrator and sculptor living and working in Ireland. Today we’ll take a closer look at his hilarious animal caricatures. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these at least as much as I did :).

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conceptual illustration

Creative Illustrations by Marc Potts

Living in London, United Kingdom, Marc Potts is a 50-year-old fantasy artist and occasional author, whose visionary art has received wide acclaim through the exposure of his work on book and magazine covers. His work is an attempt to merge the natural and the supernatural, often with a nod towards the macabre and the bizarre.

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Unique Digital Art by Ceasar Ian P. Muyuela

Ceasar Ian P. Muyuela aka Wizyakuza is a 27 years old digital conceptual artist based in Philippines. If you’re looking for something original, you gotta scroll through the artworks below. For more, check out Ceasar’s portfolio at dA (link at the bottom). Enjoy!

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digital female portrait

Digital Art by Alexander Fedosov

Alexander Fedosov aka Hollllow is an illustrator / digital artist coming from Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. You have to agree the level of details in his illustrations is amazing. Unfortunately his portfolio is kind of limited … but hey, we all prefer quality over quantity, right!? Enjoy the collection!

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Traditional Art by Ann Marie Bone

Ann Marie Bone is a freelance artist / painter with a passion for vibrant colours. She paints mainly in oils and acrylic on canvas, in a wide variety of sizes but she also paints in watercolours and does pencil drawings. If you love landscape illustrations … make sure to scroll through. Enjoy!

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