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manga illustration

Conceptual Art by Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes aka Zaphk is an illustrator and concept artist coming from Brazil. Below you may scroll through a compilation of some of her personal and professional work developed over the years. Enjoy!

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chinese girl

Cool Concept Art by Lin Wenjun

Lin Wenjun aka Junc is a 31 years old conceptual artist coming from a small town situated in northern part of China. He has produced an array of gorgeous CG illustrations from various Chinese MMORPG’s whilst also including World of Warcraft. Enjoy the selection!

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scary claun

Must-see Concept Illustrations by Damian Schouweiler

Damian Schouweiler aka Anotherdamian is a California-based conceptual artist working for Bioware. Right now Damian is working at Bioware Social on Facebook social games, such as Age of Champions, and Superhero City. Let’s take a look at several of his quality artworks. Enjoy!

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awesome sculpture

Incredible Concept Art by Tatiana Kirgetova

Tatiana Kirgetova is a professional digital artist / illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. Her illustrations are always marvelous in one form or another, very rich and gorgeous with stunning colors. Let’s take a look at few of them handpicked from her portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

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starwars soldier firing

Super Hot Concept Art by Kai Lim

Singapore-based Kai Lim aka Ukitakumuki is a talented digital artist from Imaginary Friends, a design studio he co-founded with Stanley Lau. Kai specializes in conceptual design for movies and games. Among his beautiful paintings we can find several quality pieces made for the trading card game Star Wars Galaxies. If you’re into concept art make …

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historic ship

Must-see Concept Art by Rado Javor

Rado Javor is a talented digital artist from Slovakia specializing in incredibly detailed illustrations from historical battles to sci-fi or fantasy wallpapers. Let’s take a look at several of his artworks … for more, make sure to check out the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

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conceptual artwork

Beautiful Conceptual Art by Hunter Schulz

Hunter Schulz aka El-Cazador is a 31-year-old conceptual artist living in Chicago, US. He participated on such projects as Mortal Kombat 9, Rise of Legends or World of Warcraft TCG. Let’s take a look at the very best from his portfolio. Get inspired!

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female warrior

Inspiring Concept Illustrations by Mario Wibisono

Mario Wibisono aka Raynkazuya, is a 34-year-old digital illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As you may see below, majority of his artworks is dedicated to fantasy female characters. The quality is amazing. Get inspired guys!

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awesome digital portrait

Must-See Concept Art by Valentina & Marina Remenar

Twins Valentina & Marina Remenar were born in Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. As you may see below, these twins do both traditional and digital illustrations. The quality is amazing … and when considering the fact they’re just 20 years old … Anyway, this post is a must-see! If our picks are not enough, make sure to …

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wizards of oz

Brilliant Concept Illustrations by Sam Burley

Sam Burley is a matte painter turned illustrator currently living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. Sam uses a controlled limited palette within each composition, using color contrasts for drama as well as compositional movement. You’re welcome to scroll though our picks from his portfolio ;).

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