Stunning Photography by Navid Baraty

Born and raised in rural Ohio, photographer Navid Baraty's artistic passion led him from his unfulfilling days of working as an engineer to becoming a photographer in San Francisco and then New York City. He became obsessed with photography because of its universal ability to engage our senses and tell a story. Navid wants his work to accurately portray the human condition and shape the way people think about the Earth.

ice photography

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Various Colorful Artworks by Nasheet Shadani

Today we'll be presenting various cool advertising artworks by Nasheet Shadani of Ogilvy & Mather, India. I gotta say, the Vodafone paper ads are my favorite. Hard to pick one though .). If you're into advertising, make sure to check the collection below. Nasheet did obviously pretty good job. Enjoy!

vodafone paper ad

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Cool Digital Art by Daryl Mandryk

Daryl Mandryk is a Vancouver, Canada - based freelance artist specializing in the entertainment industry. He has over 11 years of experience creating art professionally for games, film, print, and the web. Let's take a look togehter at the best from his portfolio. Plenty of inspiration!

warrior fighting ape illustration

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Stunning Digital Art by Jeff Simpson

Absolutely amazing set of artworks by Vancouver, Canada - based illustrator, concept artist and colorist, Jeff Simpson. Jeff's illustrations are often quite dark with a sexy edge. He seems to be really in his element with volumes, depth, contrast (either shapes, sizes or colors) and lighting. Get inspired guys!

scary woman portrait

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Hot Character Illustrations by Max Kostenko

Max Kostenko is a talented digital artist from Moscow, Russia. He creates illustrations and character design largely inspired by cartoons such as Disney or Pixar movies. The digital artwork of Max Kostenko is crisp, bright, and bursting with personality. His quirky characters, from personified insects to pop culture heroes, live and breathe inside his work in cheery and impeccable detail. Max’s technical skill is matched by the wit and humor of his creations, gifting his lucky viewers with a window into his charming world. Enjoy the gallery!

seal the hunter

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Beauty and Fashion Photography by Araina Nespiak

Araina Nespiak is an experienced freelance, petite model/mua from Toronto specializing in Emotive Portraiture & Figure/Art Nudes. She was born and raised in Toronto but her background is Russian, Ukrainian, French & Italian. Let's take a look at the photography collection.

neon portrait photography

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Interesting Artworks by Anna Taut

Anna Taut was born in 1984 in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated Faculty of Painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2009. As you may see below, she's specializing in fine arts, paintings and street art. My personal favorites from the artworks presented today gotta be the realistic paintings and the paintings right below called Novembers. Enjoy the collection!

girl on laying on the bed

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Inspiring Paintings by Katarzyna Wolodkiewicz

Katarzyna Wolodkiewicz is a painter / illustrator based in Wroclaw, Poland. Her work experience includes freelancing, commissions for illustration studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses and individuals, cooperation with art galleries, running her own art studio (graphic, design, illustration, painting, creative photography), teaching arts at Fine Art High School in Wroclaw. Below, you may see the best of her artworks. If you're into traditional fine arts, make sure to check it out.

cute girl painting

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Creative Digital Art by Jace Wallace

Jace Wallace is an artist and illustrator from Sarasota, Florida. Her work runs the gamut from fantasy to fashion & design to concept art and focuses mostly on imaginatively created women that seem to have lost most of their clothing. It’s erotic, alluring, emotional and, most importantly, fun to look at. Below, you make take a look at 39 quality illustrations ... definitelly worth your time. Get inspired!

girl portrait illustration

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Cute Illustrations by Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat aka Victorior is a 26 years old illustrator from Bangkok, Thailand. Below, there are 35 amazing digital illustrations handpicked from his porfolio. For more quality material, make sure to check out his web site (link at the bottom). Enjoy!

jungle illustration

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