3D Artworks by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

In this article we will take a look at the work of Carlos Ortega Elizalde, a talented 3D character artist from Guanajuato, Mexico. As Carlos says, 3D is his full time hobby and it is quite true, because only the artist who is ardently enthusiastic about the art can create such amazing 3D models like the ones presented below. Enjoy!

3d portrait

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Hot Photography by Nikos Vasilakis

Below, you may check a collection of beautiful glamorous portraits by Nikos Vasilakis, professional photographer born in Chania, Greece. Nikos takes great passion in Photoshop, and is responsible for teaching photo-retouching techniques currently in Athens, Greece. Get inspired!

beautiful female portrait photography

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Digital Artworks by Apofiss

Rihards Donskis aka Apofis is a talented digital artist from Latvia. If you're into cute digital illustrations, make sure to check the 50+ artworks we selected from Rihards portfolio. Btw, seems Apofiss does have a thing for cats :). Anyway, scroll though ... and get inspired. Enjoy!

cat and a bubble

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Digital Illustrations by Viet-My Bui

Viet-My Bui (“Viet-Mee Buoy”) is a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl living in Melbourne, Australia. This year she graduated from the Bachelors of Law at the University of Melbourne. However, she is a really talented artist as well. The subjects of her drawings are mostly beautiful female characters. Below, you may enjoy my personal picks from her portfolio. Enjoy!

beautiful female portrait illustration

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Fantastic Doll Photography by Alientune

Simply amazing doll photography by a talented female artist J. Choi aka Alientune. Below, there are over 50 quality photos ... had to post that many as they're simply brilliant. Make sure to scroll through all of them. Get inspired guys .).

doll photo

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Breathtaking Fantasy Artworks by Sandara

Sandara is an extremely talented illustrator and digital painter from Singapore. With a strong focus on fantasy artworks, it’s hard to not be impressed by her skill and craftsmanship in creating dragons, creatures of myth and lore, noble warriors, and much more. Below, you may scroll through over 90 of her art pieces. Amazing stuff ... Enjoy!

tiger dragon

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Illustrations by Kristina Gehrmann

Kristina Gehrmann is a digital illustrator working and living in Hamburg, Germany. She's specializing in fantasy, portraits and historical subjects. Below, you may check over 30 quality artworks handpicked from her portfolio. Enjoy!

historical ship frozen in ice

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Stunning Concept Art by Jonas De Ro

Jonas De Ro aka Jenovah-Art is a young digital artist based in Belgium. His work ranges from concept art, animation, matte painting, to photography, visual effects, sound design and more. His number one source of inspiration is the world. Traveling a lot and taking pictures from every place is his way of keeping his inspiration on a maximum. I am sure you guys will enjoy this collection ... I did!

destroyed alley

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Exceptional Fashion Photography by Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna was born in the suburbs of Beijing and moved to Singapore at age 8. At 16, she began her schooling in fashion design and while there picked up her first camera. Photography soon became her passion and by age 20 she had shot her a major campaign for Mercedes-Benz Taiwan. Her images are romantic, ethereal and have a polished quality well beyond her years. Get inspired.

black swan

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Digital Art by Tom Alex Buch

Tom Alex Buch is an exceptional digital artist located near Oxford, United Kingdom. If you're into hi-end 3d graphics, make sure to check the best of his art below. For more, do not hesitate to visit his personal web site. Enjoy!

digital female astronaut

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