Realistic Pencil Portraits by Adi Nugroho

Let's take a look now at one super-talented pencil artist coming from Indonesia. Adi Nugroho's portfolio is stunning ... just amazing how realistic pencil drawings can get. In Adi's portfolio there are various portraits, but the majority of them is dedicated to celebrities. Below, you may see about 40 artworks handpicked by our team. If that's not enough for you ... make sure to visit his dA site. Enjoy!

justin bieber pencil illustration

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Hot Digital Paintings by Corrado Vanelli

Corrado Vanelli is a stunning digital artist living and working in Italy. He discovered computer graphics several years ago (around the mid 90's). After some experiments with 3D modeling he decided to work only with 2D painting because its for him the best way to expand and concretize his ideas. His artwork is brilliant ... if you're into digital portraits, make sure to scroll through. Worth it!

female portrait

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Digital Art by Steven Stahlberg

Steven Stahlberg is one of the best known CG artists in the world today, with his work featured in almost every 3D/CG webzine and magazine in existence. After completing his art studies in Sweden and Australia, Steven worked ten years as a freelance illustrator for leading advertising agencies and publications in Europe and Asia. Let's take a look at several of his artworks. Enjoy!


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Inspiring Illustrations by Yuko Rabbit

Yuko Rabbit is a comic artist, illustrator and digital painter coming from Japan. As an artist, she constantly participates in several group show in art events. Her personal works have been featured in number of art magazines, design blogs and social networking sites such as Behance Netwrok and DeviantART. Yuko always tries to make something new, different and cutting-edge. Let's take a look at our select of her artworks. One word: Stunning!

digital illustration

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Exceptional Concept Art by Zeen JingHui

Zeen JingHui is another quality concept artist who deserves to be featured here on Cruzine. His work is original and inspiring ... exactly what we're looking for. He is currently working at the Silver Ant Studio, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Below, you may see our selection of Zeen's work. Enjoy!

conceptual illustration

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Stunning Portraits by Jennifer Healy

Jennifer Healy is a self-taught illustrator coming from the US. She started sketching and painting since the days she entered high school. Below, you may scroll through a collection of her female fantasy portraits. I'm sure you agree her work is exceptional. Enjoy!

female digital portrait

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Beautiful Fantasy Illustrations by Kerem Beyit

Kerem Beyit is a talented 32-year-old digital artist coming from Ankara, Turkey. During his career Karem has been awarded by several CG related web sites. That's not a surprise ... his work is exceptional and we're proud to feature at least a portion of it up here on Cruzine. Time to scroll through ...

dwarf reading

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Inspiring Photography by Stefan Hefele

Stefan Hefele is an inspiring landscape photographer living and working near Augsburg/Germany. His photography is influenced by panoramic wide-angle style trying to lead the viewer into the subject as deep as possible. Enjoy our selection!

rough nature

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Digital Art by Wen-JR

Another talent we'll be featuring today is a 25-year-old French digital / 3d artist, Wen-JR. Although he doesn't belong to artists with 100's of artworks in their portfolio ... we could find several hot pieces worth sharing with you guys. Enjoy!

alien portrait

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Realistic Portraits by Christina Papagianni

Christina Papagianni is another artist we decided to feature here on Cruzine today. Christina is coming from Greece and she's an amazing illustrator. Although she has various artworks in her portfolio, we'll take a look at her realistic portraits. Enjoy!

realistic female portrait

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