Hot Manga Illustrations by Wenqing Yan

Wenqing Yan, best known under his pseudonym Yuumei, is a young talented illustrator based in the United States. Wenqing specializes in Manga inspired digital art but she also enjoys traditional watercolor, sculpting, and origami.

eaten by shark

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Amazing 3D Illustrations by Pascal Blanché

Pascal Blanche is a French 3D artist that has spent a good chunk of his life and career over at Ubisoft. His personal work has garnered a lot of acclaim, for the fact that he's utilized 3D art effectively as a tool for executing his stylized illustrations. Below, there are 30 spectacular artworks handpicked from Pascal's portfolio. For more, make sure to check out his web site. Enjoy!

3d illustration

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Beautiful Illustrations by Dani Torrent

Dani Torrent is an artist and illustrator coming from Barcelona, Spain. He studied art in Bologna, but moved back to Barcelona to pursue a career in film. At the same time he began taking classes on illustration and decided he felt more at ease creating the storyboards. His creative artworks are simply amazing. We made sure to pick the very best from his portfolio. Get inspired guys!

amazing painting

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Fine Art by Rose Wong

Rose Wong is an American illustration student at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her artworks predominantly focus on the usage of line and simple coloring. Mediums she uses are usually, ink, marker, graphite, watercolor and digital. Let's take a look together at her portfolio. Enjoy!


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Awesome Fashion Illustrations by Cacilia Carlstedt

Cecilia Carl­st­edt is a fash­ion illus­tra­tor coming from Stock­holm, Swe­den. As you may see below, her work fea­tures mixes between ink, pen­cil and water­color tech­niques. The great use of blank/negative space in her art pieces cre­ates a bal­ance that stim­u­lates the viewer’s imag­i­na­tion. Enjoy!

watercolor portrait illustration

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Stunning Digital Art by Andreas Rocha

Andreas Rocha is a talented Portuguese conceptual artist born in 1976 in Portugal. I have to say Andreas does have a vision for scenery pieces ... and look at the fantastic coloring. There are artists who really know their thing, and Andreas is not doubt one of them. Below, there are almost 40 quality artworks from this artist's portfolio. For more, do not hesitate to visit his web site. Enjoy!

archer illustration

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Various Artworks by Stephen Campbell

Stephen Campbell is an American artist and illustrator born in Texas 46 years ago. At this moment he's living and working in Birmingham (AL), USA. I have to say, I really love his stitched artworks. It's something different, and we LOVE unique stuff. Now, let's take a look together at these ... plus right below, there are some Stephen's illustrations as well. Get inspired!

stitched portrait

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Epic Digital Illustrations by Jezabel Rodrigo Yusta

Collection of stunning fantasy illustrations by talented Madrid, Spain - based digital artist Jezabel Rodrigo Yusta aka Nekranea. These are just beautiful. Make sure to scroll though.

website digital illustration

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Still Life Photography by Bartholomew Cooke

Bartholomew Cooke a still life photographer with incredible technique and a wry sense of humor in his photos. Born in London, Bart moved to Southern California at age 6. His work has appeared in Men's Health, Details, GQ, Money Magazine, Teen Vogue, Men's Vogue, Bon Apetit, Bloomberg Weekly, The New Yorker, Portfolio, and Los Angeles Times Magazine and on the cover of Time Magazine. Let's take a look at 30 of his photos. For more, make sure to visit his web site. Enjoy!

fish smilie

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MUST-SEE Illustrations by Autumn Whitehurst

Today we'll take a look at Brooklyn-based illustrator Autumn Whitehurst. Her portraits evoke sensory reactions from the viewer by including luscious human forms interacting either with one another, or with different food or drink items. This definitely has to be one of my most favorite collections up here on Cruzine. Enjoy!

female vexel portrait

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