Digital Artworks by Igreeny

Another artist we decided to feature today is Igreeny from Poland. Igreeny specializes in digital artworks / photo manipulations. Below, as usual, you may see our picks from his portfolio available on Deviantart. Get inspired!

ship sailing

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Surreal Paintings by Adrian Borda

For the ones into surreal artworks we have a pleasant surprise. Today we'll be featuring a talented 34-year-old Romanian artist / painter Adrian Borda. Adrian's artwork is amazing ... when I stumbled upon it, I knew rightaway this stuff needs to be featured here on Cruzine. Below, you may see 57 creative paintings from Adrian's portfolio. To see more, make sure to check out his web site. Enjoy!

surrealistic painting

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Dose of Quality Digital Art by Rogério Puhl

There is another young creative artist that truly deserves to be featured here on Cruzine. This time, we'll be showcasing the work of Brazilian talent, Rogério Puhl. Below, you may see 55 quality artworks ... every single one of them is brilliant. So guys, keep your eyes wide-open when scrolling through. This stuff has some serious potential. Enjoy!

digital collage

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Cool Digital Illustrations by Johnny Terror

Johnny Terror is a pretty amazing 23-year-old artist / digital illustrator coming from Coahuila, Mexico. He's drawing beautiful dead girls, antlered mustachio men and vampires with stretched earlobes. If you're looking for something cool ... this post is a must. Enjoy!

Awesome dead dog illustration

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Original Paintings by Nathan Ota

Nathan Ota is an inspiring painter / illustrator from Pasadena, California. His early influences came from television cartoons, comic books, photographs and punk rock flyers. Nate worked as an illustrator for many famous newspapers such as Los Angeles Times, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Let's take a look at his original artworks ...

inspiring collage illustration

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Creepy Portraits by Cristina Otero

Cristina Otero is a 17-year-old photographer from Spain with focus on different aspects of beauty and how others perceive it. Check out these amazingly awesome portraits and decide yourself whether to call these ugly or beautiful. For more, do not hesitate to visit her web site. Enjoy!

female portrait photo

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Character Illustrations by Kai Spannuth

Let's start today with some badass character illustrations by talented artist from Berlin, Germany, Kai Spannuth. I love his mutated rabbit illustrations ... these gotta be one of the best I've ever seen. Definitely inspirational material. Enjoy!

roughneck rabbit illustration

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Stunning Illustrations by Lois van Baarle

Lois van Baarle aka Loish has been drawing since the day she could hold a pencil. Although she was born in Holland and has dutch nationality, she has lived all over the world, including the United States, Indonesia, France and Belgium. Lois studied animation in Ghent (Belgium) for a year and then moved back to her home country to study animation at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in Hilversum. As usual, we made sure to pick the very best from her portfolio. You may look forward 45 quality illustrations. Enjoy!

fish mural and girl illustration

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Fine Art Photography by Kimiko Yoshida

Kimiko Yoshida is a Japanese artist / photographer living and working in Paris, France. For the past 7 years, she created series of self-portraits where she disguises herself as a bride from different culture. These self portraits are the most elaborate, aggrandized and unusual works of art we’ve ever seen in this focus. Make sure to scroll through. Enjoy!

red portrait photo

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Classic Car Paintings by Alan Fearnley

Alan Fearnley is one of the World's foremost motoring artists. His paintings have won praise from critics and enthusiasts alike who appreciate his abitlity to create detailed and technically accurate scenes, infused with tangible sense of atmosphere and emotion. This collection is a must for every fan of motor sports, classic cars and automotive art!

car painting

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