Cool Illustrations by Timothy John Shumate

Tim Shumate is a 30-year-old Chicago-based artist with a degree in Editiorial Illustration from American Academy of Art, as well as a few years of Graphic Design from Illinois Institute of Art. He currently works as an Art Director at a Bradford Exchange designing sculptures and collectibles. Tim also works as a freelance tattoo design artist and illustrator. Get inspired guys!

zombie girl

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Concept Art by Dandelion-S

Another dose of quality conceptual illustrations brought to you by talented Russian artist, Soffione San aka Dandelion-S. For more, make sure to visit his portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

female with rabbit head

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Creative Illustrations by Jeremy Baum

Jeremy Baum is a Pittsburgh-based artist / illustrator we found on dA. Most of his illustrations are done using ballpoint pen and Prismacolor markers on Bristol, which prove to be a medium that suits his skill. His art is both realist and surreal, combining bold strokes and dreamlike concepts fit for graphic novels and speculative fiction illustrations. Awesome stuff ...

tree illustration

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3d Comic Art by Isidore Koliavras

Isidore Koliavras is a Greek graphic designer with life long passion for comic book heroes. All of his images below are created first in 3D software and then manipulated even further. Enjoy!


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Stunning Portraits by Robin Alfian

Robin Alfian aka Robin Pika is a talented 27-year-old fashion photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Robin is a contributor for serveral fashion and life style magazines such as, Herworld, Cosmopolitan, Soap, FHM, Clara, Dewi etc. Let's take a look at some of his artworks. Enjoy!

female portrait photography

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Comic Art by Screwbald

Teagan Gavet and Tess Garman aka Screwbald are two talented female comic illustrators working and living together in Denver, Colorado. Tess has a degree in Natural History and Scientific Illustration, and Teagan went to school for animation and character design. Both have a deep passion for art and story telling, and find graphic novels/comics to be an ideal medium. Below, I made sure to pick the very best art from their portfolio. Get inspired guys!

dogs with guns

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Black and White by Chaerul-Umam

Collection of beautiful black and white photography by Chaerul Umam, a photographer based in Serang, Indonesia. Chaerul specializes in landscape photography, but as you may see below, he does still life and portraits as well. Enjoy!

girl and a crow photography

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Conceptual Illustrations by Perla Marina

Perla Marina is another Russia digital artist we'll be featuring here on Cruzine. If you're into fantasy, this one is a must. Below, you may see the very best from this artist's portfolio. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

lady with dragon portrait

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Digital Illustrations by Alexandra Semushina

Another artist we'll introduce today is Alexandra Semushina. Alexandra is a conceptual artist / illustrator living and working in St.Petersburg, Russia. As you may see below, she specializes in fantasy. If you guys like fantasy art, make sure to scroll through ... the artwork featured is stunning. Enjoy!

tower tree

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Inspiring Concept Art by Robekka

Based in Chengdu, China, Robekka Art Studio focuses on artistic production, creating works for games, movies, illustration books and animations for international comic / manga industry. Let's take a look together at their portfolio. Enjoy!

Troll with hammer

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