Stunning Illustrations by Abraão Lucas

Abraão Lucas is an extremely talented conceptual artist / illustrator based in Manaus Amazonas, Brazil. I'm glad I stumbled upon his portfolio ... the artworks are simply amazing. Our picks below ... btw, the Super Woman illustration rocks .). Enjoy!

Super Woman illustration

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Awesome Concept Art by Jorge Jacinto

Jorge Jacinto is a concept artist and illustrator based in the city of Porto, in Portugal. For two years he worked on the PS3 video-game called Under Siege. As usual, we made sure to pick the very best artworks from his  portfolio. Get inspired guys!

concept art

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Creative Photography by Julia Presslauer

Julia Presslauer is a 17-year-old artist / photographer coming from Austria. Currently she attends an art college (CHS Kunst) in the city of Villach, and after the gradution she plans to continue her art studies in Vienna. This year Julia exhibitted her work at the famous “Lange Nacht der Museen” (“long night of museums”), an event which takes place all over Austria and attracts a huge crowd every year. Let's take a look at several of her artworks. Enjoy!

girl in grass

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Creepy Digital Art by Anja Millen

Anja Millen aka Obscurae is a digital artist / photo manipulator coming from Trier, Germany. If you're into creepy art, make sure to scroll through our picks below. For more, check out the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

lady and paper birds

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Hot Watercolor Paintings by Rola Chang

Taipei, Taiwan - based Rola Chang aka Jungshan is another must-see artist we're featuring here on Cruzine. Drawing inspiration from Chinese and Western styles, she merges Asian and contemporary techniques to produce expressive ink illustrations. Let's take a look at some of them.

watercolor portrait

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Stunning Digital Illustrations by Nijuuni

Erin aka Nijuuni is a Canadian hobby artist specializing in conceptual illustrations and corporate identity. Today we'll take a closer look at her conceptual artworks. Hard to believe Erin is not a pro, as the quality is no doubt there and I'm sure she could make a decent living out of her talent. Anyway, below you may scroll through the very best from her portfolio ... for more, make sure to follow the link at the bottom. Enjoy!

girls kissing

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Brilliant 3d Artworks by Curious3d

Cinthia Decker aka Curious3d is a 3d digital artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Below, the very best handpicked from her portfolio. Enjoy!

colorful trees

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Mixed Media Artworks by ebbing-gale

Collection of inspiring mixed media artworks by an US hobby artist - ebbing-gale. For more, make sure to check out her portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

mixed media art

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Amazing Digital Illustrations by Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma aka Lerms is a talented Mexican artist / illustrator living and working in Cancun. I fell in love with his artworks pretty much right away. Every piece found in his portfolio is powerful and inspiring. If you're into cubism this post is a must! Enjoy.

portrait illustration

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Digital Art by Daniel Murray

Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray is a professional digital artist and a police officer (seriously) currently based in Maine, USA. During his career Dan worked for a number of studios, software and gaming companies including Lucas Film or DC Comics. If you're into comic related art / superheros and such, make sure to scroll through my picks below. Enjoy!


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