Creative Artworks by Hannah Bear

Hannah Bear aka Alexandrea Zenne is a digital artist / illustrator based in Port Neches, Texas. Let's take a look at some of her artworks featured on dA. Enjoy!

girl walking on a rope

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Beautiful Illustrations by Darren Tan

In this post we'll take a look at several hot digital artworks by Singapore-based artist and painter working for Imaginary Friends Studios, Darren Tan. If you're into Star Wars and great Sci-fi / historic themed artwork ... this collection is a-must. Enjoy!

jesus illustration

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Incredible Concept Art by Tatiana Kirgetova

Tatiana Kirgetova is a professional digital artist / illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. Her illustrations are always marvelous in one form or another, very rich and gorgeous with stunning colors. Let's take a look at few of them handpicked from her portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

awesome sculpture

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Digital Portraits by Jana Schirmer

Jana Schirmer aka Janaschi is a young artist / illustrator from Leipzig, Germany, currently living in Berlin. Below, you may take a look at about 40 quality artworks handpicked from Jana's portfolio at dA and CGS. Enjoy!

girl eating watermelon

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Inspiring Illustrations by David Delanty

David Scott Delanty is a color artist currently residing in Tarzana, California. His work spans between several mediums, such as comic books, CD Covers, promotional posters, convention brochures, and website design. Now let's take a look at some of David's artworks.

female illustration

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Super Hot Concept Art by Kai Lim

Singapore-based Kai Lim aka Ukitakumuki is a talented digital artist from Imaginary Friends, a design studio he co-founded with Stanley Lau. Kai specializes in conceptual design for movies and games. Among his beautiful paintings we can find several quality pieces made for the trading card game Star Wars Galaxies. If you're into concept art make sure to scroll through ... inspiring. Enjoy!

starwars soldier firing

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Inspiring Digital Art by Marcela Bolívar

Marcela Bolívar is a digital artist whose passion for photography and illustration has led her to express herself through photo manipulation since 2004. During these years she has found and developed her own style, in which she has combined multiple techniques, being painting, drawing and even sculpture part of the execution of her work. Below, you may scroll through the very best from her portfolio. Enjoy!

female digital art

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Awesome Illustrations by Keron Grant

Keron Grant is a 36-year-old Jamaican-American comic book artist, who has worked mostly for Marvel Comics. His first published work was a pinup in the back of one of the final issues of Dale Keown's Pitt. His first steady comics work was drawing three issues of the unpublished Century comic from Rob Liefeld's Awesome Comics. His job drawing online comics for the Matrix series led to a short stint on Iron Man when Matrix comics inker Rob Stull brought Grant to the attention of Marvel editors. Let's take a look at some of his artworks.

superman marvel comic

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Creative Digital Art by Jason ODIN Heuser

Jason Heuser aka Odin is a San Francisco - based digital artist. Most of Jason's artworks are dedicated to historical figures in American history taking their bad ass nature to a new level. Former president Reagan gotta be my personal fav. Anyway, enjoy the collection ... quite entertaining .).

presiden Reagan riding t-rex

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Colorful Portrait Illustrations by Akekarat Sumachaya

Akekarat Sumachaya aka Webang111 is a digital artist / illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. His work was greatly influenced by Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. Below, you may scroll through 40 quality artworks handpicked from his portfolio. For more, do not hesitate and follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

girl with fishes

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