Surreal Photography by Rebeca Cygnus

Rebeca Carpintero aka Rebeca Cygnus is an young Madrid, Spain - based photographer / photo manipulator. Her artworks are kind of surreal, full of colors and emotions, with interesting compositions. Enjoy the collection!

female and cat

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Amazing Portraits by KwangHo Shin

KwangHo Shin is an artist born in Yeongdeok, South Korea who creates incredible figurative and portrait oil on canvas paintings that would make any art-fiend shake and pick scabs for more. Some of his brilliant artworks below. Enjoy!

female oil portrait

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Digital Art by Sida Chen

Sida Chen is a China - born artist / digital illustrator living and working in New York City. Another must-see collection of fantasy illustration ... make sure to scroll through!

beautiful digital portrait

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Surreal Paintings by Leszek Kostuj

Leszek Kostuj is a 40 years old surreal artist born in Pleszew, Poland. Although he prefers acrylic and oil painting, his art spans painting, drawing, and traditional and computer graphics. Below, the very best from his portfolio. Enjoy!

surreal illustration

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Insane Conceptual Illustrations by Alice Chan

Collection of brilliant conceptual illustrations / digital artworks by young female artist from Antarctica, Texas - Alice Chan. Enjoy!

male illustration

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Beautiful Digital Artworks by Chaichan Artwichai

Chaichan Artwichai aka Tin is a 25 years old digital artist / illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently he's working for local RiFF Animation Studio. His illustrations are simply amazing, so guys make sure to scroll through my selection below ... and get inspired!

mice and boot

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Conceptual Realism by Jon Jaylo

Jon Jaylo was born in the Philippines and attained his grade-school education there. His family moved to Chicago, Illinois where he finished grade school and high-school. Later he moved back to his home country where he attended college studying fine arts. Jon's artistic inspiration comes from dreams, daily occurrences, direct experience and sometimes the stories of his close friends. Enjoy the collection!

utencils couple

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Illustrations and Digital Art by Guillermo Casas 

Guillermo Casas is a digital artist / illustrator based in Cordoba, Argentina. Together with Juan Pablo Figueroa they formed Ilusionario and currently specialize in production of illustrations and story boards for clients like Cruz Roja Spain, Kodak, Ford, Honda, Channel Encuentro, Tarjeta Naranja, Cáritas, Coca Cola, YPF, Banco Santander, Leading Tree, American Express, Oster, Gamesa, etc. Let's take a look at several of their artworks. Enjoy!

cartoon illustration

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Inspiring Photo Manipulations by Brumae

Brumae is a self-taught digital artist who loves music, nature, myths and travelling. In 2007 she started with 3D art and later photo manipulation and digital painting caught her interest. Let's take a look at 26 quality artworks found in her portfolio. Enjoy!

girl and rabbit in a room

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Colorful Illustrations by Fernanda Maya

Fernanda Maya is a talented artist / illustrator based in Medellin, Colombia, where's currently studying Visual Design at the Fundación Universitária Bellas Artes. Fernanda likes to work with textures and a variety of details. As you may see below, most of her works include people. For more artworks, make sure to check out her portfolio at dA. Get inspired guys!

female portrait

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