Photo Manipulations by Stephanie Pitino

Stéphanie Pitino aka clair0bscur is a talented portrait photographer / photo manipulator based in France. Below, you may scroll through 25 quality artworks handpicked from Stephanie's portfolio. For more, make sure to check out her web site. Enjoy!

female photo manipulation

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Beautiful Portraits by Marta Dahlig

Marta Dahlig is a 27-year-old digital arist from Warsaw, Poland, who has been recognized with numerous awards for her work and contributions on deviantART, CGSociety, and others. Her brilliant artworks have been featured everywhere from CGSociety, ImagineFX, to countless other magazines. Let's take a look at some of her artworks. Enjoy!

female portrait illustration

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Inspiring Illustrations by Matt Lau

Matthew Lau aka ningyee7 is an young conceptual artist based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Matt graduated from the Sheridan College and is currently working for the social games company - Gameloft. If you're into concept art, make sure to scroll through the collection below. Enjoy!

girl standing

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Female Heroes by Jeff Chapman

Jeff Chapman is an incredible artist living and working in New Jersey, USA. The attention to detail and realistic renderings of our favorite female heroes are works of art. Below, you may scroll through several quality pieces handpicked from his dA portfolio. For more, make sure to follow the link at the very bottom. Get inspired!


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Must-see Concept Illustrations by Damian Schouweiler

Damian Schouweiler aka Anotherdamian is a California-based conceptual artist working for Bioware. Right now Damian is working at Bioware Social on Facebook social games, such as Age of Champions, and Superhero City. Let's take a look at several of his quality artworks. Enjoy!

scary claun

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Hot Digital Artworks by Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts formerly known as Geodex is a professional digital artist based in the UK. If you're into creepy photo manipulations and cool digital artworks, make sure to check our selection below. Enjoy and get inspired!

little girl sleeping

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Fantastic Illustrations by Arman Akopian

Living in Montreal, Canada, Arman Akopian aka Guyjin is a conceptual artist / character designer currently working for Ubisoft. Below, you may scroll through several cool artworks handpicked by our team from Arman's portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

fighter with bow

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Digital Portraits by Linda Bergkvist

Linda Bergkvist aka Enayla is a 33-year-old digital concept artist / illustrator born in Sweden. As you may see below, her artworks represent a mixture of fantasy and horror with a little twinge of romantic idealisation. Enjoy!

girl illustration

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Creative Artworks by Hannah Bear

Hannah Bear aka Alexandrea Zenne is a digital artist / illustrator based in Port Neches, Texas. Let's take a look at some of her artworks featured on dA. Enjoy!

girl walking on a rope

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Beautiful Illustrations by Darren Tan

In this post we'll take a look at several hot digital artworks by Singapore-based artist and painter working for Imaginary Friends Studios, Darren Tan. If you're into Star Wars and great Sci-fi / historic themed artwork ... this collection is a-must. Enjoy!

jesus illustration

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