Hot Artworks by Joey San Pedro

Based in Manila, Philippines, Joey San Pedro is an exceptional artist / illustrator with plenty of cool artworks in his portfolio. Let's take a look at the very best of it. For more, follow the link at the bottom. Enjoy!

mixed media illustration

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Creative Portrait Illustrations by Junica Hots

Amazing collection of colorful digital portrait illustrations by a 22 years old artist coming from Russia - Junica Hots. For more artworks, make sure to check out her dA portfolio. Enjoy!

female portrait illustration

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Inspiring Illustrations by Visaga

At the age of 14, Visaga gotta be the youngest artist featured here on Cruzine. Just amazing what this young female illustrator can do at such an early age. Below, you may check out 20+ artworks handpicked from her portfolio at dA. Enjoy!

colorful illustration

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Typographic Artworks by Hernan Jacome

Hernan Jacome aka Mostpato is a young digital artist / multimedia designer living and working in Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Peru. As you may see below, he loves typography ... and Jusus as well ... which is quite obvious :). Anyway, if you guys are into typography, this post is a must. Get some inspiration!


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Original Illustrations by Przemek Gul

Today we'll start with several quality traditional illustrations by Poland - based conceptual artist / illustrator - Przemek Gul aka Telmand. Enjoy the collection ... and get inspired!

female portrait illustration

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Fantasy Illustrations by Julia Metzger

Fascinated by art since her early childhood, Germany-born Julia Metzger was drawing and painting her whole life and couldn’t ever imagine to stop. Watching fantasy movies and many animated TV shows inspired her and influenced her art through time, as well as reading books and living in the countryside, surrounded by woods and meadows. Enjoy her artworks below!

female riding a horse

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Creative Photo Manipulations by Markoo Marben

Markoo Falah Marben is a young 17 years old digital artist / photo manipulator from Iraq. I love stumbling upon new talents and Markoo seems to be very promising. Below, you may check out several of his quality artworks ... for more, check out the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

surreal world

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Cool Digital Art by Gary Davis

Gary Davis aka Maniak_uk is a hobby digital artist / illustrator living and working in the United Kingdom. He's in business for more than 15 years. Let's take a look at several of his inspiring artworks. Enjoy!

female illustration

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Digital Illustrations by Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni is a talented 3d digital artist born in Milan, Italy, currently working in Los Angeles as lead character artist for Blur Studios. Let's take a look at several of his amazing artworks. Enjoy!

futuristic soldier

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Brilliant Digital Art by Alcove

Amazing set of digital artworks / photo manipulations by an artist living and working in Poland - Alcove. For more, make sure to follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy and get inspired guys!

female tree

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