Traditional Abstract Paintings by Amytea

If you're into traditional art, make sure to check out this collection of beautiful traditional abstract paintings by Amy aka Amytea, an artist from France. She a genious in composition, texture and color, and at the same time she keeps the true language of painting technique. Enjoy!

abstract painting

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Beautiful Illustrations by Laura Bifano

Laura Bifano is an artist / illustrator born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Her paintings range from being whimsical and lighthearted to macabre and subtly disquieting. Some of her clients include: Zeros 2 Heroes Media Inc., Cricket Magazine, Uppercase Gallery, New Machine Studios and more. Enjoy the collection!

peacock bitmap illustration

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Original Illustrations by Reimena Ashel Yee

Reimena Ashel Yee aka Callupish is a young 18 years old hobby illustrator-comic artist living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her illustrations are original and fresh, exactly what we need here on Cruzine. Below, you may scroll through over 30 pieces I liked the most. Enjoy!


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Hot Rock Posters by Christian Sloan Hall

Christian Sloan Hall aka American Vendetta is one of the best known rock poster artists of his generation. Having worked in the field of illustration for over 20 years his work has been widely published and exhibited across the USA and Europe.

poster art

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Inspiring Concept Art by Christopher Balaskas

Christopher Balaskas is a traditional / digital conceptual artist born in Worcester, Massachusetts, currently based in Jamestown, New York. Below, you may scroll through several artworks I liked a lot when checking out his personal portfolio. Enjoy it guys!

fresh conceptual artwork

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Futuristic Art by Nicolas Bouvier

Nicolas Bouviera aka Sparth has been an active artistic director and concept designer in the gaming industry since 1996. There are no limits to his creativity when it comes to translating forms and concepts. One of his greatest passion remains contemporary architecture, of which he applies principles in his own art, with an experimental and original approach. Sparth has contributed to the development of several released games since 1997 - Alone in the dark 4, Cold Fear, Prince of Persia - Warrior Within, and Rage, a project still in developement at IDsoftware. Below, you may check out the very best pieces selected from his portfolio by Cruzine. Enjoy!

vexel conceptual art

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Conceptual Art by Mauricio Herrera

Mauricio Herrera was born in 1975 in La Serena, Chile. He has been working as an illustrator since the age of 19. In 1999, Mauricio worked on the Myths and Legends game for TCG, a project which would land him the position of graphic editor. Since then he worked for multiple companies, and on various projects, including several in the video game industry. Let's take a look at some of his artworks.

conceptual illustration

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Stunning Fantasy Portraits by Liang Xing

Liang Xing is a 25 years old digital conceptual artist based in China. Guys, if you're into fantasy, you don't want to miss the artworks below. Amazing stuff ... surely one of the best fantasy collection published so far on this blog. Enjoy!

female fantasy portrait

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Creative Fantasy Illustrations by uniqueLegend

UniqueLegend is a self-taught artist from Australia who loves to draw in both traditional and digital media. He graduated from Charles Darwin University with Bachelor of the Arts: New Media/Multimedia Degree and is currently undertaking a Bachelor Law Degree. Let's take a look at several of his fantasy artworks.

zelda illustration

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Wonderful Concept Illustrations by Chris Cold

Chris Cold is a talented 23-year-old artist from Belarus who specializes in digital conceptual art with focus on the paranormal. Enjoy my picks ... and you know where to look for more. Enjoy!

fantasy illustration

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