Stunning Concept Art by Bjorn Hurri

Bjorn Hurri is a well respected concept artist, known for his speed and imagination. Born in Sweden, Bjorn relocated to London and established a highly succesful career as a senior concept artist in just three years, filling his resume with clients such as NCsoft, Catalyst Game Labs and SEGA whilst working for several years on a number of AAA titles before joining Opus Artz as our Lead Artist. Let's check out some of his brilliant artworks.


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Stunning Digital Art by Michele Frigo

Michele Frigo is a 29 years old digital conceptual artist living and working in Verona, Italy. His distinctive style is both eye catching and full of emotion, it's as if the pieces are about to come to life right there on the screen. Let's scroll through some of his amazing artworks.


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Amazing Collages by Kanchan Mahon

Kanchan Mahon is a self taught artist in the medium of handcut paper collage. Her art is quixotic, vibrant romantic and otherworldly. The pieces display ethereal and intangible women to produce a heretofore unseen union of past with present. Enjoy the selection!

female collage

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Conceptual Art by Claudio Bergamin

Claudio Bergamin is a Chilean digital artist / photographer specializing in advertising photography, digital matte painting and comic books. He studied Fine Arts in Valparaíso, Chile, and then moved to Europe to work as a professional photographer and retoucher for several years. Currently he's back in Chile where he works as a full-time illustrator.


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Digital Paintings by Lente Scura

I'm very glad I stumbled upon Lente Scura's portfolio today. Unfortunately there isn't much we know about this talented artist ... it doesn't matter though. If you're looking for some quality inspiration, make sure to check out his digital paintings / photo manipulations presented below. Another must for you guys!


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Must-See Photo Manipulations by Michal Mozolewski

Michal Mozolewski is an artist from Gdansk, Poland who intersects the lines of impressionist art, photography and digital illustration. Most of his work features intensely emotive, jarring subjects in distressing or melancholy situations. We made sure to pick the very best pieces from Michal's 300+ artwork portfolio ... if you want to see them all, just follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

female portrait

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Traditional Illustrations by Kate Louise Powell

Kate Louise Powell is a 17-year-old female hobby artist / illustrator living in the UK. It's amazing what this young lady can do at such a young age. Below, I picked over 40 quality artworks from her portfolio. Guys, make sure to scroll through!

lady and butterflies

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Creative Photo Manipulations by Christophe Kiciak

Christophe Kiciak aka Gyaban is a 35 years old talented photographer / photo manipulator living in Moisson, a peaceful place close to Paris, France. While some artists use a camera as a tool to capture a moment of life or showing the world as it is, Christophe is mostly using it as a way to communicate ideas through carefully studied and created setups. He's not afraid of strong edits, as long as they serve a purpose: the resulting image and its impact has the prioty, whatever the path taken to create it.

darth vader

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Original Digital Art by Ephynephryn

Ephynephryn is an artist coming from Hungary specializing in various creepy digital artworks and photo manipulations. If you're into this kind of stuff, make sure to check out our selection below. I'm sure you'll agree the choice of colors in his artworks is perfect. Enjoy and get inspired.

female portrait

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Conceptual Illustrations by Michael See

Michael See Zheng Xun is a 25 years old conceptual artist living and working in Georgetown, Malaysia, a city close to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. His interesting and colorful digital art is influenced by passion and work. Let's scroll through our picks from his portfolio. Enjoy!

ladies fighting

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