Hot Concept Art by Chris Ng

Chris Ng is a 27 years old digital conceptual artist from Malaysia, currently living and working in Singapore. This artist has some amazing stuff in his portfolio - below you may scroll through our picks. Quality ... so make sure to get inspired!

black soldier

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Beautiful Portraits by Troy Brooks

Toronto, Canada - based Troy Brooks is a completely self-taught painter who creates beautiful female portraits blending mannerist elements of figurative pop art, surreal distortion and symbolism. Enjoy!

female portrait

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Cool Conceptual Illustrations by Fx. Sedhayu Ardian S.

Collection of several conceptual digital artworks by Malang, Indonesia - based artist Fx. Sedhayu Ardian S. aka Froitz. Get inspired guys!


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Must-See Artworks by Minjae Lee

Minjae Lee is a 22 years old South Korean artist. His paintings are filled with powerful colors, drama, agility and it’s really hard not to get impressed. Enjoy!

female illustration

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Creative Digital Art by John Aslarona

John Aslarona aka PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu is a brilliant digital artist / illustrator from New York, USA. Let's take a look at several inspiring artworks handpicked from his portfolio. For more, follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

awesome fantasy portrait

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Breathtaking Photography by Xavier Jamonet

Xavier Jamonet is an amazing lansdcape photographer, born in 1982 in the Drôme, currently living and working in Lyon, France. As you may see below, Xavier loves to spend time shooting in the Alps. Stunning photos ... another must-see for anyone into landscape photography. Enjoy!

tent in the Alps

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Inspiring Illustrations by YongSub Noh

With over 13 years experience, YongSub Noh aka Yong is a concept artist based in Seoul, Korea. It took us some time, but I'm glad we're finally featuring this talented artist up here on Cruzine. Enjoy the collection below as much as I did!

red planet

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Stunning Conceptual Illustrations by Justin Cherry

Justin Cherry is a 32-year-old digital artist / illustrator living and working in Southern California. Below, you may scroll through several of his mystical and fantasy illustrations. Enjoy!

warrior prince illustration

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Creative Illustrations by Nei Ruffino

Nei Ruffino aka ToolKitten is a professional female illustrator / colorist based in the United States. She was working on comic covers for companies like zenescope and big dog ink, as well as a professional colorist for DC. Enjoy our collection!

red riding hood

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Digital Art by László Magyar

Laszlo Magyar is a 27 years old graphic designer / artist from Hungary. If you're into abstract digital art, make sure to scroll through the collection below. Pretty amazing stuff. Enjoy!


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