Must-See Concept Art by Hong Kuang

Hong Kuang is a 33-year-old professional conceptual artist and illustrator based in Beijing, China. The artworks presented in this post are one of the best published here on Cruzine so far. Enjoy!

female illustration

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Traditional Illustrations by Anežka

Anežka is an young 17 years old female traditional artist / illustrator and student living in Prague's district Žižkov. Enjoy the very best from her portfolio.

traditional illustration

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Creepy Photo Manipulations by Diana Dihaze

Diana Dihaze is a self-taught female photographer and digital artist from Odessa, Ukraine. The majority of her inspiration comes from her own nightmares and phobias. If you like creepy stuff ... this one is a-must for you. Enjoy!

creepy art

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Creative Illustrations by Lehuss

Collection of amazing illustrations by talented French artist Lehuss. If you're into fan art and manga, make sure to scroll through. For more, check out Lehuss's FB page. Enjoy!


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Hot Digital Portraits by Walter Petretto

The last post today will be dedicated to an exceptional digital artist coming from Cagliari, Italy - Walter Petretto aka Neroart. His portfolio is full of sexy female digital artworks ... our selection below. Enjoy!

tarzan woman

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Beautiful Illustrations by Dandonfuga

Dandonfuga is an young female digital artist / illustrator with some remarkable character illustrations in her portfolio. Let's take a look at some of them.

heroine illustration

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Cool Digital Art by Eldar Zakirov

Eldar Zakirov aka Darth Eldarious is a 30-year-old professional digital artist coming from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Scroll through 19 quality artworks handpicked from his portfolio at dA ... and get inspired. Enjoy!

conceptual illustration

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Stunning Concept Art by Michel Donzé

Michel Donzé is a 28-year-old French 2d & 3d digital artist / illustrator currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. As you may see below he loves creating stuff, regardless the technique or media. Let's take a look at few of his artworks. Enjoy!

girl and a bike

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Inspiring Illustrations by Elena Berezina

Seems we're not finished with quality portrait illustrations yet. In this post we'll take a look at several quality artworks by 25 years old Russia-based female artist and illustrator Elena Berezina. I'm sure you guys enjoy these at least as much as I did.


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Beautiful Digital Portraits by Igor Grushko

Igor Grushko aka Vayne is a talented 24-year-old digital illustrator born in Obukhiv, currently living and working in Ukraine's capital city of Kiev. If you're looking for exceptional portrait illustrations, make sure to scroll through today's collection. In case you want to see more, follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

female portrait

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