Portrait Photo Manipulations by Esther Puche

Esther Puche is a self taught digital artist / photo manipulator based in Madrid, Spain, specializing in female fantasy portraits. Below, you may scroll through over 30 hot artworks selected from her portfolio. Enjoy!

female portrait

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Traditional Illustrations by Francesca Baerald

Francesca Baerald is a freelance artist / illustrator based in the Italian city of Reggio nell'Emilia. As you may see below, she specializes in traditional fantasy art. Her work has been published by various magazines such as Dartzine, Skillism Visual Creativity, Mi Natura, Kingdom of Fantasy etc. Enjoy the collection!

amulet in hand

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Beautiful Digital Art by Daiyou-Uonome

Collection of cute digital illustrations by talented Daiyou-Uonome, an artist from Japan. Enjoy!

girl under mushroom

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Concept Illustrations by Jake Murray

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jake Murray has been drawing and imagining fantastical things for as long as he can remember. Entangled with his obsession for drawing was also a love of story telling. Movies, video games, comics, and playing pretend were among his favorite childhood pastimes, and he still has notebooks from the first grade that are filled cover to cover with primitive scrawlings of Velociraptors, Sonic the Hedgehog, and X-Men.

kid on a duck

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Fantasy Illustrations by Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy graduated with a BFA in illustration from The Hartford Art School in 2006, and soon after relocated to New York City to begin a freelance career. Since then, his illustrations have been published in several books, articles, and games. Scott has always been intrigued and inspired by the various worlds and endless possibilities within the sci-fi and fantasy genres. He strives to employ the sense of adventure he's had since a very young age to inspire his artwork and give life to the stories and worlds within.

female portrait

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Cool Concept Art by Brolo

Collection of exceptional digital artworks by a talented artist based in Santiago, Chile - Brolo. If you're into quality concept art, make sure to scroll though.


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Stunning Digital Art by Rob Shields

Rob Shields is a self taught digital painter currently residing in Philadelphia, United States. He holds degrees in Psychology and Philosophy with postgraduate work in Media and Communication. Below, you may scroll through several quality artworks selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

female devil

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Traditional Illustrations by Danielle Storey

Danielle Storey graduated with her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Illustration at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, Ontario. The perpetual influences on her art are the masters of the Renaissance, Baroque and Pre-Raphaelite movements. Apart from the genres and styles she continues to explore, her meticulous craftsmanship remains a staple of her work. Below, you may scroll through several of her artworks. Enjoy!

old man in bed

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Hot Illustrations by Sabrina Miramon

Collection of beautiful digital illustrations by Sabrina Miramon aka Sab-m, an artist from the United Kingdom. Enjoy and get inspired!

girl portrait illustration

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Beautiful Illustrations by Kelley McMorris

Kelley McMorris is a freelance illustrator living near Portland, Oregon. She received her MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University and a BA in Japanese at San Jose State University. In 2013 Kelley won the SCBWI Student Illustrator Scholarship. Her clients include Disney Hyperion, Scholastic, Lifeway, Highlights and Cricket magazine.

female in sea holding flag

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