People learned to communicate with the help of graphics much earlier than they invented letters and writing systems. These days, the role of graphics, especially in website design, remains immensely important. From icons and favicons to backgrounds, textures, and to logos, avatars, and stylish themes for websites customization – the variety of graphic applications is virtually endless. This Cruzine channel hosts all the posts where graphics is at the core.

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fractal art

The World of Fractals by Chiara

Chiara is a 28 years old Italian architect with the hobby of digital graphics. Fractal images are her greatest passion. In case you’re interested, Chiara uses Apophysis to create her artworks. Looks pretty hot … what do you think?

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Digital Art by Steven Stahlberg

Steven Stahlberg is one of the best known CG artists in the world today, with his work featured in almost every 3D/CG webzine and magazine in existence. After completing his art studies in Sweden and Australia, Steven worked ten years as a freelance illustrator for leading advertising agencies and publications in Europe and Asia. Let’s …

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alien portrait

Digital Art by Wen-JR

Another talent we’ll be featuring today is a 25-year-old French digital / 3d artist, Wen-JR. Although he doesn’t belong to artists with 100′s of artworks in their portfolio … we could find several hot pieces worth sharing with you guys. Enjoy!

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city fractal artwork

Artistic Fractals by Stefano Popovski

Stefano Popovski was born in 1964 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Since 2004 is living in Castellon, Spain. Today we’ll take a look at his fractal artworks. They’re very original, and I have to say … I didn’t see nothing like that out there till now. If you’re into fractals, make sure to scroll through. Enjoy!

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digital illustration

Interesting Mixed Media Art by Georgios Dimitriou

Georgios Dimitriou aka CrankBot is a digital artist coming from Greece. He favors artistic styles that maintain the feel of natural media, and is best known for his gritty and emotive illustrations. Let’s take a look at some of his artworks. Enjoy!

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portrait digital artwork

Fantastic Digital Art by BibiArts

Collection of interesting photo manipulations / digital artworks by German female artist Birgit aka BiBiARTs. Make sure to scroll through!

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head theater digital art

The Whimsical Art of Alexander Jansson

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, Alexander runs his own design studio, intuitively called Sleeping House. He specializes in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design. Alexander has worked with clients as diverse as The New York Ballet, Filter Magazine, Random House and Clarion Books. Let’s take a look at his magical portfolio.

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underwater photo manipulation

Quality Photo Manipulations by Miraccoon

Now let’s take a look at over 30 quality surreal photo manipulations by talented Estonian artist Miraccoon. She’s very good at what’s she doing. Make sure to scroll through … quite inspiring. Enjoy!

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dwarf at work

Digital Illustrations by Veli Nyström

Veli Nyström aka VabloArt is a graphic designer and concept artist coming from Tampere, Finland. When scrolling through his portfolio, it’s amazing how this artist improves over the time. Below, you may see 20 of his latest concept artworks. Enjoy!

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digital portrait

Breathtaking Illustrations by Sheridan Johns

Sheridan Johns is a professional freelance illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. After trying nearly all digital art forms, she found her passion in portraiture and fine detail within photo realism. Let’s take a look at her artworks.

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