girl and rabbit in a room

Inspiring Photo Manipulations by Brumae

Brumae is a self-taught digital artist who loves music, nature, myths and travelling. In 2007 she started with 3D art and later photo manipulation and digital painting caught her interest. Let’s take a look at 26 quality artworks found in her portfolio. Enjoy!

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female portrait

Colorful Illustrations by Fernanda Maya

Fernanda Maya is a talented artist / illustrator based in Medellin, Colombia, where’s currently studying Visual Design at the Fundación Universitária Bellas Artes. Fernanda likes to work with textures and a variety of details. As you may see below, most of her works include people. For more artworks, make sure to check out her portfolio at …

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digital portrait

Hot Digital Art by Fran Rodrìguez Learte

Artist Fran Rodrìguez Learte aka drfranken was born in La Coruna, Spain in 1979. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Salamanca in 1998. For many years Fran was experimenting with different techniques and mediums. Currently, he’s concentrating on digital art only. Let’s take a look at several of his artworks. Enjoy!

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digital artwork

Beautiful Digital Art by Erik Schumacher

Erik Schumacher is a digital artist based in Germany. He has discovered Photoshop in 2005 and since then specialized himself in the photo manipulation and matte-painting. Below you may scroll through the very best artworks found in his dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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underwater portrait

Conceptual Portrait Photography by Ekaterina Belinskaya

Ekaterina Belinskaya is a 25 years old, Moscow, Russia – based photograher specializing in portrait / fashion photography. Her artworks are inspired by famous photographers such as Tim Walker, Helmut Newton or Anton Сorbijn. Enjoy our selection!

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fantasy concept

Insane Fantasy / Sci-fi Art by Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Lacoste was the Art Director at Ubisoft on such titles as Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed, winning a VES Award in February 2006 for his work on the “Two Thrones” cut scene from Prince of Persia. Wanting to challenge himself in the film industry, Raphael stepped away from the game industry to work …

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fantasy portrait illustration

Conceptual Art by Bryan Marvin P. Sola

Bryan Marvin P. Sola is a 24 years old character designer and illustrator from the Philippines. Except character illustrations, below you may find several quality fantasy environments as well. Get inspired guys!

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fantasy female portrait illustration

Beautiful Digital Illustrations by Lilia Osipova

Lilia Osipova is a Russian digital artist living and working in Italy with her Italian husband and two children. Although Lilia finished medicine, she didn’t become a doctor but got another degree instead at the University of Arts and Design. Now let’s check out some of her artworks.

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anime collage

Hot Anime Illustrations by Nina Listyani

Nina Listyani aka Laverinne is a young female anime illustrator from Indonesia with an extraordinary talent for incorporating detail into her artwork. Enjoy my picks below!

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girl and butterflies

Brilliant Digital Illustrations by Rapti Mortengel

Łódź, Poland – based Rapti Mortengel aka Raptorzysko is another talented illustrator we’re featuring here on Cruzine today. If the 20 handpicked artworks below aren’t enough, make sure to check her full portfolio (link at the bottom).

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