batman illustration

Conceptual Art by Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards is a young talented concept artist based in the UK currently working at Codemasters. He has a degree in game art / design and enjoys painting sci-fi and fantasy. Below, you may check out several inspiring artworks selected from Tom’s portfolio. For more, check out his web site.

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female fantasy portrait

Brilliant Character Illustrations by Alex Negrea

Alex Negrea is a talented 25 years old digital conceptual artist from Romania currently working for smartphone gaming company – Applibot Inc. If you’re into fantasy, make sure to check out several creative conceptual artworks picked from his dA portfolio. Get inspired!

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Creative Digital Artworks by Kuldar Leement

Kuldar Leement is a 26 years old, self-educated concept artist living and working in Estonia. Currently he’s employed at Tabasco OÜ as a graphic designer. Below, you may scroll through several digital artworks selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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busty lady illustration

Brilliant Set of Illustrations by Asuncion Macian Ruiz

Asunción Macián Ruiz aka Medusa Dollmaker is a 30 years old Valencia, Spain – born self-taught traditional / digital illustrator. Her illustrations are simply stunning … but you’ll be able to see that yourself when scrolling through our collection below. Enjoy!

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female portrait illustration

Unique Artworks by Kentarou Uchida

Let’s take a look at several inspiring and original artworks by an artist from Japan – Kentarou Uchida. Enjoy the collection!

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Surreal Illustration

Exceptional Illustrations by Murat Turan

Murat Turan aka Designtu is a digital artist / illustrator living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. Mesmerizing his viewers’ eyes with expansive landscapes, kooky characters, and elements of intense surrealism, each of Murat’s artworks tells a vivid story. Below, you may enjoy 25 quality illustrations picked from his portfolio. Get inspired!

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female digital illustratior

Beautiful Illustrations by Ulyana Regener

Ulyana Regener is a Russia-born self-taught freelance artist / illustrator currently living in Switzerland. Her portrait illustrations are simply fantastic, and I knew right away it’s the right stuff to be featured here on Cruzine. Below, you may scroll through 30+ quality artworks handpicked from her portfolio. For more, check out Ulyana’s dA page. Enjoy!

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black widow portrait

Hot Digital Portraits by Deane Whitmore

Deane Whitmore aka RGUS is a New Plymouth, New Zealand – based 3d digital artist. The artworks in his portfolio are probably the hottest Poser renders I’ve seen so far. The main thing that distinguishes his art from others, is his ability to mix captivating outfits with great poses. Enjoy the collection!

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female portrait

Contemporary Art by JC Jacinto

JC Jacinto is a talented 28-year-old visual artist born in Pasig, currently based in Rizal, Philippines. Below, you may scroll through several of his paintings. Enjoy!

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3d girl

Brilliant 3d Portraits by Y-Kanno

Seems we just can’t stop with Asian art today. Y-Kanno aka Tetsuok9999 from Japan is a 3d digital hobby artist with several quality 3d anime artworks in his portfolio. I bet we didn’t feature nothing similar till now up here on Cruzine. This really is my cup of coffee; if you’re into 3d art or …

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