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How to Improve Engagement on Facebook

Facebook and its Fan Pages are renowned for being difficult to amass a significant following; even though the music industry is easier than most industries. Music lovers and fans are loyal types and tend to give lots of support to the musicians/artists that they enjoy; so how do you bridge the gap and make these loyal fans engage on your page?

Although Facebook is the most popular social platform on the planet, it still pales in comparison to its nearest competitor Twitter when it comes to engagement. Twitter gets a lot more engagement for the general public as they enjoy the ‘close’ interaction that they have with celebrities etc. They prefer the 140 character limit as opposed to some of the longer Facebook posts you see these days.

However the mould is broken for bands, musicians and record labels etc. as evidence suggests that – for these – Facebook is more engaging: A recent study from Social Bakers has proven that brand engagement is stronger on Facebook than it is on Twitter.

So, taking this into consideration, musicians should be promoting their brand on Facebook as much as possible and using techniques that encourages engagement with fans.

Here is a list of ways to increase engagement on Facebook for your brand. It’s all about posting PICTURES!!… but there’s more to it than just imagery!

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Be personal about what you’re doing day to day. Fans are nosey; music fans are especially nosey and love this type of engagement. If you’re writing song lyrics let them know; give them tasters. If something has given you inspiration for an album cover let them know and post a picture. Let your personality shine through and include humour along the way.

Personalised Massage

If you’re not working on anything at the moment and are struggling to post anything with personality, a simple ‘fill in the gap’ post is often a safe but sure-fire way to increase engagement:



Posting pictures has been proven to be the best way to engage with fans. They are quick to look at so don’t take up all the readers’ time and can speak a thousand words. You’ll find that pictures get more engagement than any other type of Facebook post and can be the ice-breaker that sparks conversation with fans.



Remember to complement those who have helped you along the way and give credit to fellow artists who may have helped you with your mixes/song creation etc. The creation and distribution of music is a team game. More often than not, whatever you achieve in this business may well not have happened if it wasn’t for the help of others. Compliment them and help promote them like they did with you. These industry relationships will only enhance your credibility in the future.



Thank fans who compliment your own work and listen to their constructive criticism. It may help you further. Artists often take influence from fans and by allowing those fans to steer your progression could be the key that determines whether you leave a legacy or fail. Encourage them to give their $0.02 and you’ll find that not only are you increasing Facebook engagement but you’re also fine-tuning your act.



Keep your Facebook fan page up to date with what’s happening. There’s nothing more dissatisfying than an idle Facebook page. Let them know what you’re doing or what you have in the pipeline:


Fans can be fickle at times and as it only takes a minute or so to post a comment or picture, you’ll find that failing to do this and letting your page go stale will have a huge effect on fan engagement. There is an evident pattern between activity and audience. Regular activity has been proven to increase the frequency of new fans and followers liking your page as shown in the graph. New fans and followers are worth a couple of minute’s effort here and there!


If you’re a record label and are trying to manage numerous social profiles at any given time, it may be beneficial to use social tools like HootSuite or TweetDeck. These allow users to manage various social profiles from one dashboard. We use these at Cruzine and can safely say that we’ll never look back!


Reference other artists who you’re taking influence from and like the sound of at the moment. They will be more inclined to do the same back and may spark them into enquiring about a potential collaboration or partnership. This is also a quick and easy way to make friends in the business and you can use references and compliments as ego bait that can help you get more contacts and build relationships that enhance your brand image.



Engage fans in conversation. Post posts that are likely to spark interaction and then answer all or as many fan comment posts as you can. Fans will appreciate it and will bring fans with them as they spread the word that you have a lot of time for fans.



Make fans aware of your other online presences. Show them links to your website and its products, point them towards your other social platforms. You want to engage them via as many channels as possible and introducing your Facebook following to your Twitter or SoundCloud audience will keep fans engaged. Then why not direct this new ultimate audience to your merchandise and music via the website?


It’s all about building trust and engaging your audience using all these methods and then once your audience is engaged enough, direct them to your music and you’ll find that past window shoppers will turn into paying customers and past paying online customers will turn into fans that follow your act around and go to gigs. Then hopefully the fans that did this anyway will continue to spread the word for the benefit of you and music as a whole!

Engage, interact and just generally bring yourself down to grassroots level and have a laugh.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other techniques that you can add to increase brand engagement on Facebook.

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