Photo Manipulations by Lara Zankoul

Photo Manipulations by Lara Zankoul

Born in Lebanon in 1987, Lara Zankoul graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Masters in Economics. Driven by passion and impulse, she taught herself photography and started an enriching and self-fulfilling journey in the creative arena.

Zankoul’s practice of fine arts photography primarily appeared as a need to escape the monotonous life of the cubicle during her first full-time job. This need to evade reality was translated in her imagery, which is characterized by a antastic atmosphere and surreal compositions common in dreams. Symbols are omnipresent in her body of work and characters are anonymous and timeless, making her images universal. The concepts are initially expressions of her subconscious as they are spontaneous visuals in her mind.

If the 40 artworks below isn’t enough, make sure to check out Lara’s web site. Enjoy!

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