Über Cool Illustrations by Jared Nickerson

Jared Nickerson is a professional digital illustrator from Halifax, Nova Scotia now based in Seattle, WA. His main focus is character, logo, videogame, editorial, and textile design. He also specializes in art direction, branding and consulting. His client list includes many popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Coca-cola and Activision to name a few. Get inspired .).

Time Travel in a Time of Regret

Discovery or Death

Your Disco is Dead in 3D

Kyle the Jthree Bomb

Computer Arts Project Cover July 15th Character Design

Dead Astronauts (Branding)

The Great Destroyer

I Fear You Girl (Dead Astronauts Promo One)

Adidas Originals: Celebrate Originality

Nike Misc 2010

Baptism Records

Atomic Lollipop

FunChat Round 2

The Last Vampire Astronaut & The Quest for the …

The Vampire Sorceress

45 Royale Promo Tees

Jthree vs. Spontan

Cadillac Burger (Logo Treatment & Branding)

Love & All Consequences

Geomagnetic Cosmic X-Ray Specs

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