Original Vector Illustrations by Loulou & Tummie

LouLou & Tummie is a Dutch illustration duo who spend their days building an ever expanding empire of colourful graphics and characters. Lead by their crave for toys, happiness and all things cute or robot-like they abuse their computers to spit out designs that can be found in magazines, books, advertisements, plush, papertoys, on walls and interiours, t-shirts and shoes around the galaxy. If interested in original vector illustrations, make sure to scroll through. Definitely worth it!

Character City print


Magazine update #2

Cities, Roads & Factories #2

Screenprint – ‘Das Experiment’

Loulou & Tummie identity

Vodafone – Dashboard

Screen print

Loulou & Tummie X Kingdom

Computer Arts cover

Mykea Wall & Furniture decals

Infographics & such

Mobiel Werken



Cities, Roads & Factories #1

Contagious Magazine

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