Breathtaking Illustrations by Sougwen

Sougwen Chung is a Canadian-born, Chinese-raised, and Brooklyn-based artist. She has an almost tautological dedication to abstract, organic mark-making that is coupled with a deep-seated infatuation with technology. This enables her to create images and performance-based experiences that “that might seem abstract at first, but the more time you spend in this mini-universe the more familiar it becomes. You begin to recognize certain feelings you thought you’d forgotten, certain sounds you’ve always wanted to hear, and certain images you so deeply kept in your memory.”

Her work is a hybrid of traditional art and the immersive possibilities of new technologies. She works across print, digital and environmental mediums, aiming to explore contrasts; the intuitive and the technical, form and function, material and immaterial. Through the metaphor of drawing she expresses personal narrative and elicits intellectual inquiry. Enjoy the gallery below!

Étude Op. 2: 1-4

Prélude – Étude Op. 3, No.2

Sepalcure – Fleur EP


Sepalcure – Love Pressure

Recent Studies

Folie a deux

Spectal Remixed 50 / 51




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