Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen

Camouflage is an interesting phenomenon in that it implicitly requires a body, a physical being, to have any purpose. Without our physical bodies, the use of such elaborate conceits to disappear from view would literally make no sense whatsoever. This does not, however, mean that Palmen’s work is only concerned with the physical body. On the contrary, she often appears to be using the implicit understanding that camouflage’s only real purpose is to cloak the physical being to draw our attention to other ways in which not being detected might be important to the individual; to retain the privacy of our less tangible character, political identities or personal space.

Below, you may find a collection of 28 comouflage photos from this Dutch artist, who recently works in Rotterdam and Berlin, Germany. Enjoy!

Surveillance Camera Camouflage

Rotterdam 2002

Public Space Camouflage

Istanbul 2011

Vienna 2008

Rotterdam 2000 / 2001

Dummy Suits Camouflage

Interior Camouflage

Leiden 2009

Rotterdam 2004

Maastricht 1999

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