The World of Sergio Albiac

Sergio creates visual imagery to articulate his thoughts about the beauty, contradictions and emotion of the act of living. His work revolves around the interior worlds we create in our minds and the tensions that arise when confronted to our realities. The illusion of control in a world much governed by randomness and the elusive nature of emotions are also recurring ideas in my work.

The usual working process involves writing computer programs that generate images. Once the idea is translated into computer code, Sergio searches and selects the visual results that better express his point. Sometimes, these generative images are the final work and sometimes he uses the programs as an electronic sketchbook to visualize his concept before he transfers it into a painting .

Enjoy the collection!

Unreleased Thoughts

Laws of attractor

Portraits for Adobe CS6

Great composers self portraits

You are not in the news

Monolithic fragility

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