Felt Sculptures and more by Hine Mizushima

Hine Mizushima was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where he worked as an artist / illustrator. He didn’t stay there too long though and switched couple of locations … like Rome, Paris or New York. Finally, seems he found the perfect place to stay in Vancouver, Canada. Hine is also a slow Crafter, Needle-felter and Stop-motion puppet animation video artist. Recently, he has been commissioned for a number of commercial music videos, including several for They Might Be Giants. His felt sculptures have been exhibited in galleries in NY, LA, SF and other cities. If you are into his felt stuff, you’ll find some of his artworks on Etsy. Enjoy the gallery!

Etsy Handmade Shop

International Yarn Bombing Day 2012 Project

Exhibition: Enchanted Forest

Squid Hat

Help Friends Make Things: I’ll hold, you wind

Help Friends Play Games

Dress-Up Squid & Octopus

The Unnatural History Museum Part 1

The Unnatural History Museum Part 2

Kamen Rider vs Super Sentai

My Heart Is Yours!

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