Beautiful Typography by Áron Jancsó

Today we’ll be featuring an amazing typography artist from Budapest, Hungary Áron Jancsó. Áron is simply a type addict. He loves to build everything from scratch, sometimes even designing every single letter of a poster. He prefers shapes and structures instead of effects. His style is a blend of modernism, street culture and calligraphy, but it is also very experimental. He’s always searching for new ways of creation. Below, there are 29 of his beautiful artworks which literally took my breath away. They are amazing … every single one of them. If you’re looking for some typography inspiration … this is the place. Enjoy!

Qalto typeface

Sensaway typeface

Typographic Posters II

Logotypes and lettering

Typographic posters

Ogaki typeface

Vector Graffiti

French Film Festival

Tokyork logo

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