Coporate Identity by Robinsson Cravents

Although Robinsson Cravents doesn’t concentrate on corporate identity only (he does web design and illustrations too) … in this post, we’ll focus just on that. There are tons of identity related projects in his portfolio, and that kept us quite busy narrowing down the very best of them. As you can see, Robinsson prefers clean style … and doesn’t use too many colors. The end result is perfect. Scroll through youself … keep your eyes open .) great source of inspiration. Enjoy!

Metrio Tea

Metrio Coffee Packagin

Cooper & Ford

Missile – Energy Drink Identity

Metrio Coffee Visual Identity

San GrettiĀ“s Signature Slices Visual Identity

Cooper Motorsport – Identity

B’seen Visual Identity

Hindukusch – Identity

HRJ – Identity

Robinsson Cravents – Identity

Xnilo Design Studio Visual Id


Robin’s Website


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