Various Artworks by Aleix Gordo Hostau

Aleix Gordo Hostau is a visual artist based in Barcelona (Spain). He has been working as an illustrator since 1997 and began to draw books for kids and teens or covers for publishing companies. Since then he has been working for press, publicity agencies and various national and international corporations in various sectors. From Coca-Cola Light, Orange, Movistar, Camper or Buckler to Vans, Montana Colors or Panini comics. Below you may check a collection of his artworks – mainly digital illustrations and some nice murals .). Get inspired!

Vector Compilation Past to Present – 2012

Mural Painting – Hotel Vincci Bit Barcelona


Barcelona Young Wine Festival Poster (2011)

Mural for Japan

All That Jazz! -Vector Illustration by Aleix Gordo

My new Personal Cards – Mis Nuevas Tarjetas

Press Dossier for Vans (Spain-France)

Fashion Illustration

Don’t Panic Poster

Original Work/Obra Original by Aleix Gordo Hostau

More Artworks


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