Various Projects by Jacques Pense

Another artist we’ll be featuring today is Jacques Pense, specializing in creative art / advertising first of all. Jacquest worked for several ad companies such as Heye & Partner, BBDO, Jung von Matt. At this moment he’s active as a creative director at Razorfish, which is an ad agency in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I made sure to pick the very best from what this author has done in the past … My personal favs are the Breuninger “Metamorphosis” creatives as well as the Snickers ads … bunch of those in the lower section .). Enjoy!

Ambi Pur “Supersize Popup”

13th Street “Stationery of Horror”

Eichborn “Flyvertising”

FedEx “Pickaback”

Save the Rainforest “Blow up”

ASO “Pillar Cigarette”

Cemex “Bridge”

M&M’s “Halloween”

Madaus “Bottom”

Breuninger “Metamorphosis”

Snickers “Street Signs”

Jacques Pense’s Website


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