Creative Photo Manipulations by Michael Vincent Manalo

Let’s take a look what we got here today. Should be pretty clear from the title though, we’ll be presenting a collection of interesting photo manipulations by Michael Vincent Manalo. Michael is quite surprisingly from Tbilisi, Georgia … wouldn’t say that myself as the name doesn’t sound like being from that part of the World. But anyway … Michael is a busy artist, attended many exhibitions in the past. He won several competitions including the Chianciano International Award for Digital and Photographic Art 2010, Best Photography Illustration at the 2011 Redmond Digital Arts Festival etc. When scrolling through, I like several of his artworks a lot. Do not miss the Flight Tales or Surreal in Mind. Get inspired!

Tales from the Story Teller

Selected Works, 2011

Flight Tales

Surreal in Mind

Demise of the Blissful One

Author’s Website


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