National Geographic Photo Contest 12

It’s been ages, but the National Geographic photo gallery is back again. This time, we’ll be presenting their weekly photo contest. They’re divided into 3 subsections – nature, people and places. As we are already used to, you may expect portion of quality photos. Scroll through, pick your favorite … and if interested, even cast a vote at the NG site. My favorite one is The Day After Christmas by Mike Killion and the Dinka woman by Tim Freccia – both available in people section. Enjoy!




Horse and sunset by Efi First

Nature: Horse and sunset

Puffer Shrugged by Jason Moore

Nature: Puffer Shrugged

Curve of philosophy by Cheng Bn

Nature: Curve of philosophy

Moremi Trio by Ria Waugh

Nature: Moremi Trio

Elegance by Jamen Percy

Nature: Elegance

The white reindeer by Izabelle Nordfjell

Nature: The white reindeer

Dancing in the Summer Night by SHIH CHUNG LIN

Nature: Dancing in the Summer Night

Honorable Mention by Kent Shiraishi

Nature: Honorable Mention

Ice by John Putnam

Nature: Ice

Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse by Mike Veitch

Nature: Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse

Jelly in the Sun by Mike Veitch

Nature: Jelly in the Sun

Manatee Sunburst by David Fleetham

Nature: Manatee Sunburst

Juvenile Night Heron – I Can Make It! by Ike Austin

Nature: Juvenile Night Heron - I Can Make It!

Honorable Mention by Angel Fitor

Nature: Honorable Mention

Finding Sirius by Jack Fusco

Nature: Finding Sirius

Bwindi Blackback by ALISON MACPHERSON

Nature: Bwindi Blackback

Croc’s Jaws by Carlos Suarez

Nature: Croc's Jaws

At Pasture by Olivia Klayman

Nature: At Pasture

Red Cap Oranda by Ernest Goh

Nature: Red Cap Oranda

Turbulent Skies by Stjepan Tomislav Svaljek

Nature: Turbulent Skies

A Good Place To Stop And Rest by Karen Sullins

Nature: A Good Place To Stop And Rest


Holi Festival in Kuala Lumpur by Ali Lee

People: Holi Festival in Kuala Lumpur

The Day After Christmas by Mike Killion

People: The Day After Christmas

Dinka woman by Tim Freccia

People: Dinka woman

People Winner by Izabelle Nordfjell

People: People Winner

Earthquake and Tsunami by Hiroto SEKIGUCHI

People: Earthquake and Tsunami

Tsitsi by Davina Jogi

People: Tsitsi

Rain Painting by Slavina Bahchevanova

People: Rain Painting

Then and Now. by Damon Pablo Escudero

People: Then and Now.

Escape by Mark Tipple

People: Escape


Stilt Fishermen in Koggala by NG HOCK HOW

Faces: Stilt Fishermen in Koggala

Awakening by Peter Franc

Faces: Awakening

Havana street scene by Jan Bach Kristensen

Faces: Havana street scene

Zeche Hugo by Reginald Van De Velde

Faces: Zeche Hugo

Chicago Fog by Timothy Musho

Faces: Chicago Fog

Black door by Vincenzo Mazza

Faces: Black door

Across The Forest by Luis Del Río

Faces: Across The Forest

zigzag building by Albert Tan

Faces: zigzag building

Blackhawks by Michael Fortner

Faces: Blackhawks

Pray by Suhaimi Abdullah

Faces: Pray

Funningur by Nikolaj Lund

Faces: Funningur

Rana Tharu, Mohana River by Grimaud Frederic

Faces: Rana Tharu, Mohana River

Honorable Mention by Anuar Patjane

Faces: Honorable Mention

tuvalu’s nightmare by Chuang Kun-ju

Faces: tuvalu's nightmare

In a kitchen by Edoardo Agresti

Faces: In a kitchen

The little house on the roof by Brian Yen

Faces: The little house on the roof

kanas Xinjiang China by Thierry Bornier

Faces: kanas Xinjiang China

Mystic Mountain by Jeff Berkes

Faces: Mystic Mountain


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