Cool Drawings and Illustrations by Stefan Zsaitsits

Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist born in Hainburg/Donau, just few miles away from the former iron curtain as Bratislava / Slovakia is pretty much around the corner. Enough of history and geography though. Stefan specializes in drawing, fine arts and painting. You may bet his artworks are amazing, we wouldn’t feature this author otherwise here on Cruzine. Below there are over 40 of his artworks, carefully handpicked by our team. Some of you may have already noticed, one or two of these artworks were already featured in our daily inspirations series. This time though, the whole post is dedicated to Stefan. You guys enjoy … and Stefan, you keep working! … good job so far :)

Drawings 2012 part 1

Drawings 2012 part 2

Drawings Nov 2011

Paintings part 1 – 2008

Paintings part 2 – 2009

Headsongs part 1

Headsongs part 2

Headsongs part 3

More Illustrations


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